Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's wrong with...


Really cannot understand why some people deemed "bearing grudges" like committing a crime? What's wrong with it? To me, it's nothing wrong lor, it serves as a "warning" instead. Bearing grudges doesn't mean taking revenge what! And my life will not be "miserable" by bearing grudges becos i won't remember all those grudges every single day. Only when someone/something trigger me, then i will "ahhh, ya hor, better be safe than sorry, last time blah blah blah". Get what i mean? I'm not a saint and i admit that. (Oh please, i'm sure many people are the same, don't act like a saint leh!)

You know which type of people really don't bear grudges?


Omg omg omg, this kuey lapis is super yumz!!! Soft & melt in the mouth!!! 

Humans are weird, i cut into small pieces then people will eat! I put one big piece inside the fridge, nobody touch! WHY HAR???


Selling this good condition authentic COACH DIAPER BAG @ S$200.00 (price reduced, no further discount, it was retailing at S$980.00 locally) becos i really really want to clear my wardrobe space. Please contact me at 90087688 for more pictures/details if ya interested, thanks!!! 


  1. Hi Joanne, Where did your hubby bought the kuey lapis at? Look delicious. I love kuey lapis too. Mind share. Thanks!

    1. Hi there,

      He asked his friend to help him buy from Indonesia, Tanjong something one, i can't remember.


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