Friday, May 31, 2013

Raeann (K2C) - Meet The Parents Session

Had a good 1 hour plus chat with Raeann's two main teachers this morning, gotta know more about what my daughter did in school... Deliberately asked Raeann not to go becos i wish to hear honest comments about her.

All the above were during 2011, her nursery life...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck

Anyone watched this show last night? Yesterday evening, my mum deliberately whatsapp to remind me to watch channel 8 at 8pm. I didn't know what show it was at first. So i watched, with the two kiddos. (Meimei was having fever due to teething and was kinda cranky!)

My tears lost control when i was watching, it's so heart breaking to see those little kids suffer, from some rare illnesses. Really super salute their parents, i hope they will stay strong and optimistic! :)

Felt so guilty after watching becos sometimes when my kids whine and throw tantrum, i get frustrated, easily. And i grumbled about how active and mischievous they are. But actually, their active-ness & mischievous-ness are forms of blessing, something which i failed to understand in the past.

Well, all along, i don't expect much from them. That's why i forbid myself to be a kiasu mummy. I don't need them to be a 大学生 or a professional, be one average person whom know how to be filial, appreciative, responsible and contented will do.

(ZY said, most of those that held good career + good salary are those who will put parents into old folks home becos they have no time for them. Maybe yes, but still up to individual lah.)

All in all, still, stay healthy and safe, that's all i wished for! :)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Day x 2

Becos of the public holiday, we had two family outings over the long weekend. Well, we seldom have family outing nowadays becos i don't wish to die so early? Meimei refused to find ZY and she sticks to me like a leech. (I don't know why, they are more cooperative when i bring them out alone!) I cannot get used to it becos Raeann is not lidat!!! Raeann is much more independent, which is what i wanted her to be.

However, i don't blame Meimei for refusing to find ZY. Becos a kid is still a kid afterall, they will only look for those who spent time with them. ZY never make the effort to divert her attention away. What he do is, ask me to bring her along! Then he will say "not i don't wanna help u, is Meimei don't wanna find me"! -.-

So, in order to solve this "problem", i choose not to go out. I'd rather waste the weekend at home. At least, i don't have to get angry & behave like one mad woman in public. Only when days i feel like stepping out of the house, then i'll take the 'risk'. LOL! And now i know, never take any 'risk' on days when i'm not feeling well again.

24th May 2013; Friday

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank you, for being my friend!

Date : 23rd May 2013

Words can't express how grateful i am for having this friend of more than 2 decades. Despite meeting her less than 5 times a year (there was a period of time we didn't meet for a few years. No why, we were just busy with our own stuffs.), BUT she never fail to remember my birthday every year. Even when those few years we did not managed to meet-up, she MAILED those birthday/X'mas presents to my house!!! And oh yes, i've received my first 2013 birthday present from her, exactly 1 month before my birthday... (She said she kiasu cos she scare i got no time to meet her next month. So touched!)

One sincere heart, two heartfelt words; THANK YOU! :)

Went to pick her up at her work place on Thursday evening. I was there one hour earlier becos i went straight from my customer's place. And becos my car ki siao-ed again (freaking light pop out on my way to customer's place), i went to search for a petrol kiosk nearby her work place. 

Very thankful to meet nice people everyday. Those indian guys at the petrol kiosk were so helpful, helped me to check everything, pump air into my tyre and etc. Bought some Belgian coated caramel waffle biscuits for them in return. Forgot to take photo of it before giving them, it's VERY yummy, i love it! (I forgot who bought for me from Europe before!)

Spent more than 1 hour at the petrol kiosk becos i washed/vacuumed my car too. By then, ML can leave already, just nice! ^.^

We planned to go to MBS - TWG Tea Salon becos i wanna try TWG macarons (my bro told me it's as good as LADURÉE so i wanna try lah). ML likes macarons too. We decided to have our dinner there as well, since we have no idea what to eat for dinner. 

2nd time stepped into MBS officially. (Photo taken after dinner!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My car ki siao-ed!!!

Just now, on the way to LTA, just about to enter PIE, this sign popped out...

I freaked out, becos i don't know what happened and upon exiting Lornie Road, i quickly drove in Shell petrol kiosk. Uncle was nice to help me filled up all the water, i bought a can of coffee for him in return. Knowing how to be grateful & reciprocate are important, i feel. Sometimes, small little gesture like this, is enough to make one's day! :)

Sidetrack : No matter what type of relationships, many people fell out becos of money. When you owe money, you HAVE TO pay money. Don't pretend to forget ok? Super hate those people hor, borrow money refused to return, then super not-scare-people-dulan, keep posting about how they enjoy their life and buy this buy that! Sibei buay paiseh!

Okay, back to the car now. The sign didn't go off after all the water refilled, uncle asked me to send to "car hospital". I snapped this photo and send to ZY, he asked me to call him when i reach office, he will come and take my car for "check up". The sign remained there all the way.

I felt so stress and sad becos i wondered how much will i have to pay for it's medical fee again? :( 

Miracle happened...

ZY just came, and he claimed that i bluffed him becos THE SIGN DISAPPEARED! What the fuck is this? Hey Swifty, are you playing a joke on me??? 

Then he said becos i'm unlucky and he's very lucky. I told him, "ok, we shall exchange car then". LOL! Wah lau eh, buay tahan, i must buy 4D liao. Please come out tonight, thank you, HUAT OH! 

P/S : Bo bi the sign won't come out again, i'm meeting Ah Ling tomorrow!!!

Very random; this necklace was bought by my mum (to me) when we were in Tokyo Disney Land/Sea in 2006. Till now, i can't bear to open and use!!! It's not expensive but i love it alot! (Did i mention before that i keep ALL the angbaos my mum gave me on my birthday every year? I never use the money. I shall keep & keep and maybe one day, i can afford a Birkin, lol.)

My daughter gave me a difficult task to do again, she asked for a special birthday theme to celebrate in school this year. So stress becos it's not easy to find!!! 

Sidetrack again : Last night, i was searching high and low for a nice paper bag to put the gifts i bought for ML and thus, i slept late. ZY came back from billiard, i don't know why he so happy, he saw me and said, "Hello, haven sleep ah? Waiting for me to come back issit?" and grinz! -.- I feel like slapping him. HAHA

Monday, May 20, 2013

The same o' boring updates about the kids!

Just had my super late breakfast + lunch cos i was at SNEC for the whole morning, alot of people + not enough doctors = long queue + long wait! Sigh~

Raeann has programs lined up for last weekend, she didn't come home from Thursday night till Sunday noon; Ethan celebrated his 7th birthday at RWS. So Meimei was all the way with me during that few days, i brought her here (office) last Friday. Time passed super fast when she was around. In a blink of eyes, 5pm liao and shortly after, time to go home, lol.

This is a MUST; my best friend since about 5 years ago. Hope i can unfriend it asap! 

She asked 面面 for breakfast! =)

Time for nap! ^.^

On the way out for lunch!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bo's Poly Graduation

Yesterday is one of Bo's "big day", she has finally graduated from SP!!! And so, we surprised her with these...

Lovely sunflowers! <3

Mummy bought a new Nikon mini camera for her. This camera is super small, damn cute!!! 

I took longer than usual to prepare in the morning, as though i'm the one graduating, lol.

Quite formal one!

Mum said, 8-9 years ago, we were there to attend my bro's graduation ceremony too BUT i totally have no recollection of it at all. Hmm...

She must have misplaced something again, and searching for it. 

The rest of the photos is in the camera. Upload when i received 'em! :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So sad!

Realised that DLG is spoilt this morning! :(

Button lost, the metal piece don't know pop out from where??? Probably it's cos ZY dropped it that night, but we didn't know that the impact is so big becos it's inside the bag and we didn't check it on the spot. Sigh~ Anyone knows where can i repair this??? 

Seriously, this camera is so CHUI (disfigured by Bobo lor) now, i feel like buying a new one!!! Am i able to trade in?? Can some kind soul teach me what to do? Thank you.


Last night, ZY pestered me to go for late night shopping with him at NTUC becos we last minute realised that Meimei has run out of diaper!!! I thought there is still an unopened big pack at home. Asked him to go himself becos i was super sleepy already. Then he said, "就是要你陪嘛". -.-" So i went with him lah, in my pajamas!!! I was so lazy to even change! Sibei nua! And we went to JP! Haha! 

Half the trolley sponsored by Government.

(Thanks but no thanks, give us abit, take back triple! -.-)

Also brought Raechelle to register for Little Learners Playgroup yesterday morning. 

(She's coming to the office tomorrow for the whole day. Good game liao!) 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Too alike!

It's damn funny when Bo posted this photo on FB last Sunday and my mum showed it to Raeann, her first reaction was, turned to me and asked, "我跟谁拍的?" with her super stunned expression. Even when i showed it to Raechelle, she goes, "jiejie"... Then i asked her whose the other (orbit cha cha) woman, she said, "ah ma", lolol. 

Bo refused to admit that they look alike (i hope they're not alike too). So i do this side by side comparison...

Not alike meh?

Even their irritating (sometimes) character are alike!!! Sigh~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hey, i finally set up my Skype! Msgs will be sent to my phone becos i don't "on" it on my computer. (Kinda irritated to see the icon always hanging there so i always "quit" it.)

Today, one very very very old friend skype me... He asked how did i maintain so swee after two kids, lolol. And he said the last time he saw me was on my wedding.

My reply?

"Wah, i didn't even know you attended my wedding!"

I'm serious, god knows why am i so blur!!!

(I guess, the most basic requirement to get along very well with me is, able to take my harmless words/jokes!)

And we chatted...

LOLOLOL! So, i'm once an apple of people's eye too!

(Alamak is a chat group, like IRC!)

And we went on to another topic, my favourite movie, "You're the apple of my eye"! He intro-ed me to another Thai movie, which is similar to that story line.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

I'm watching now, seems not bad, quite funny! Male lead very handsome na! Will update again when i completed the show! ^.^

Very very nice show!!! I watched until can't bear to leave the office! Worth a watch! :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

So much to say...

First of all, let me wish all the mummies in the world a belated Happy Mother's Day. Hope your yesterday was well spent with your loved ones!

Received all these from my elder precious whom drew me like a ghost! HAHAHA

Mother's Day dinner with ILS on Friday evening.

Another one added to Meimei's collection. 

Frankly speaking, i hate soft toys becos i don't have space to place them nicely. But Raechelle really love Care Bears alot, and that's the only toy she will get excited about. She hugs her Care Bears to sleep every night. Nope, she doesn't have/want any "smelly pillow" or bolster. 

Meimei is wearing jiejie's 3-5 years old dress lor & she's only 19 months old.

(She saw jiejie put hairband, she also went to take one hairband and put, so funny!)

Bought this for Raeann during Nov'10, when she was 3 years 2 months old (And she was able to wear till around 5 years old!). Look at the length, Meimei is so much taller!!! But i prefer girls to be more petite leh!!! 

Treated mummy to 2nd round of Mother's Day meal last night (shared among all of us)! But i think we shall cook at home from next year onwards! 

The first round was lunch @ 海底捞火锅 2 weeks ago.

I removed my previous post becos i decided not to reveal much about my house/family. Nothing personal, i just don't wish my family to get criticized and cursed for no reason.

Also, i've decided not to add any more readers on FB. I need to draw a line between cyber friends/readers and friends. Some cyber friends/readers cannot be real friends becos they're too sour. Many of them are sibei 看不开, they cannot see people better than them. BUT, they will still act like so nice and friendly to you!

Of cos, there are still nice people around, and i'm thankful to have known them! :) But it's enough, i think. Quality over quantity. No point having so many friends when 80% of them secretly hate you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bepanthen® Ointment

Sponsored Review

Attention all Mummies (to be) and Daddies (to be) out there!!!

Especially those with new-borns or babies (still) wearing diapers, YOU NEED TO READ THIS POST!

I'm sure all of the mummies (and daddies) out there knows what's Nappy Rash, right? Are you troubled and upset when your little ones suffer from Nappy Rash? Not knowing what you should do to ease their pain? 
Nappy Rash is extremely common amongst babies, and although many parents feel as though they have done something wrong when their little one suffers from it - you haven't. Your baby's skin is extremely sensitive!

The most common causes of Nappy Rash are wet nappies or underwear staying in contact with a baby's skin. Wetness from urine is a powerful promoter of rashes, add in the effects of nappy friction and enzymes that are found in healthy babies' stool and you have the perfect environment for developing Nappy Rash.

Contact with the nappy's contents raises the pH of a baby's skin, increased friction from the nappies against their delicate skin, and irritation by the enzymes found in stools are the main triggers of nappy rash. Combine this with the damp, warm conditions you find in a baby's nappy and it's easy to understand why damage to the skin is almost unavoidable.

Once the protective barrier of the skin is damaged, it can lead to the painful red rash you as a parent dread.

You might notice your baby's skin becoming red, puffy and tender in the area where they wear their nappy - around the buttocks, thighs and genitals. You may also notice changes in your baby's behaviour - they may seem moody and more uncomfortable than usual, especially during nappy changes. They may even fuss or cry when the nappy area is washed or touched.
Ouch! That sounds extremely painful to me! And yes, of cos, as a mummy of two, i've been through that kind of torment when i have to see my little ones crying in pain (due to Nappy Rash) and not knowing what i can do to ease their pain. That very moment, i hope i can suffer for them instead - mummy's nature.

Now, don't worry, Bepanthen® Ointment can help us to solve all the problems. With Bepanthen® Ointment, our little ones doesn't have to go through that kind of pain anymore! YAY! Happy Baby = Happy Mummy, agree? And Happy Mummy = Happy Family, lolol! Mummy plays a very important role in a family hor!

Bepanthen® Ointment

PROTECTS AND HEALS. Apply to PREVENT Nappy Rash, that's what i do! 

The texture when applied. It really moisturizes your (baby) skin!

Tested on Raechelle's inner thigh last Sunday before going out.

As you can see from her "Before" photo, there were a few tiny red dots there. And you know hor, it's so troublesome to change diaper when we are outside (not everywhere has baby rooms lor), so i don't change for her unless she poo or urinate too much (diaper very heavy and full). No, i don't change for her every 2-3 hours becos diaper is very expensive leh. Okay, i'm lazy! =X

The "After" photo was taken about 6 hours later (same day), which i expected to see a few small red dots if i did not apply Bepanthen® Ointment for her. But look! All cleared, fair and smooth (and fat, haha), lol! 

And hey, that's not all yet...

Able to treat sore nipples, dry/chapped/cracked skin and minor burns/wounds too! Don't have to buy so many different types of cream/medicine anymore! Save money okay!!!

It can be used for other purposes too!!! Now now, can't wait to buy/own one, right??? Here's a VERY good news (only exclusive for my readers)...

Bayers is offering 300 sets of their full-size Bepanthen® Ointment + a diaper clutch free for the first 300 readers who register with them via my blog! Thereafter, the other registrants will get a 3.5g sample. (One of the benefit for reading this blog, alot of free gifts to redeem, hahaha!)

Simply follow the instructions below...

Click on "Claim your free sample here".

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Please note that you have to key in "joanneraeann" under Promotional Code in order to be eligible for the full-size Bepanthen® Ointment + diaper clutch redemption. First come, first serve yo!

Thank you Bayer for your generous sponsorship! Hope to work with you again!