Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hey, i finally set up my Skype! Msgs will be sent to my phone becos i don't "on" it on my computer. (Kinda irritated to see the icon always hanging there so i always "quit" it.)

Today, one very very very old friend skype me... He asked how did i maintain so swee after two kids, lolol. And he said the last time he saw me was on my wedding.

My reply?

"Wah, i didn't even know you attended my wedding!"

I'm serious, god knows why am i so blur!!!

(I guess, the most basic requirement to get along very well with me is, able to take my harmless words/jokes!)

And we chatted...

LOLOLOL! So, i'm once an apple of people's eye too!

(Alamak is a chat group, like IRC!)

And we went on to another topic, my favourite movie, "You're the apple of my eye"! He intro-ed me to another Thai movie, which is similar to that story line.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love 

I'm watching now, seems not bad, quite funny! Male lead very handsome na! Will update again when i completed the show! ^.^

Very very nice show!!! I watched until can't bear to leave the office! Worth a watch! :)

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