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Bepanthen® Ointment

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Attention all Mummies (to be) and Daddies (to be) out there!!!

Especially those with new-borns or babies (still) wearing diapers, YOU NEED TO READ THIS POST!

I'm sure all of the mummies (and daddies) out there knows what's Nappy Rash, right? Are you troubled and upset when your little ones suffer from Nappy Rash? Not knowing what you should do to ease their pain? 
Nappy Rash is extremely common amongst babies, and although many parents feel as though they have done something wrong when their little one suffers from it - you haven't. Your baby's skin is extremely sensitive!

The most common causes of Nappy Rash are wet nappies or underwear staying in contact with a baby's skin. Wetness from urine is a powerful promoter of rashes, add in the effects of nappy friction and enzymes that are found in healthy babies' stool and you have the perfect environment for developing Nappy Rash.

Contact with the nappy's contents raises the pH of a baby's skin, increased friction from the nappies against their delicate skin, and irritation by the enzymes found in stools are the main triggers of nappy rash. Combine this with the damp, warm conditions you find in a baby's nappy and it's easy to understand why damage to the skin is almost unavoidable.

Once the protective barrier of the skin is damaged, it can lead to the painful red rash you as a parent dread.

You might notice your baby's skin becoming red, puffy and tender in the area where they wear their nappy - around the buttocks, thighs and genitals. You may also notice changes in your baby's behaviour - they may seem moody and more uncomfortable than usual, especially during nappy changes. They may even fuss or cry when the nappy area is washed or touched.
Ouch! That sounds extremely painful to me! And yes, of cos, as a mummy of two, i've been through that kind of torment when i have to see my little ones crying in pain (due to Nappy Rash) and not knowing what i can do to ease their pain. That very moment, i hope i can suffer for them instead - mummy's nature.

Now, don't worry, Bepanthen® Ointment can help us to solve all the problems. With Bepanthen® Ointment, our little ones doesn't have to go through that kind of pain anymore! YAY! Happy Baby = Happy Mummy, agree? And Happy Mummy = Happy Family, lolol! Mummy plays a very important role in a family hor!

Bepanthen® Ointment

PROTECTS AND HEALS. Apply to PREVENT Nappy Rash, that's what i do! 

The texture when applied. It really moisturizes your (baby) skin!

Tested on Raechelle's inner thigh last Sunday before going out.

As you can see from her "Before" photo, there were a few tiny red dots there. And you know hor, it's so troublesome to change diaper when we are outside (not everywhere has baby rooms lor), so i don't change for her unless she poo or urinate too much (diaper very heavy and full). No, i don't change for her every 2-3 hours becos diaper is very expensive leh. Okay, i'm lazy! =X

The "After" photo was taken about 6 hours later (same day), which i expected to see a few small red dots if i did not apply Bepanthen® Ointment for her. But look! All cleared, fair and smooth (and fat, haha), lol! 

And hey, that's not all yet...

Able to treat sore nipples, dry/chapped/cracked skin and minor burns/wounds too! Don't have to buy so many different types of cream/medicine anymore! Save money okay!!!

It can be used for other purposes too!!! Now now, can't wait to buy/own one, right??? Here's a VERY good news (only exclusive for my readers)...

Bayers is offering 300 sets of their full-size Bepanthen® Ointment + a diaper clutch free for the first 300 readers who register with them via my blog! Thereafter, the other registrants will get a 3.5g sample. (One of the benefit for reading this blog, alot of free gifts to redeem, hahaha!)

Simply follow the instructions below...

Click on "Claim your free sample here".

IMPORTANT! Remember to key in "joanneraeann" under Promotional Code.

Please note that you have to key in "joanneraeann" under Promotional Code in order to be eligible for the full-size Bepanthen® Ointment + diaper clutch redemption. First come, first serve yo!

Thank you Bayer for your generous sponsorship! Hope to work with you again!

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