Monday, May 6, 2013

Media Errors VS Friendships

Encountered this issue lately and I think is a rather useful way to "test" who are your real friends.

Twitter auto unfollowed/blocked people away from your friends list. (Think is Twitter bug? No idea!)

Well, it can takes me a long long time to find out becos I don't check, seldom log in and neither do I remember who are my followings/followers. I'll only check when I wanna @ that person and thinking why his/her name never pop out, or someone else mentioned about this particular person and I'll be like, "ya hor, how come so long never see his/her tweets?".

P/S : Can't understand why some people check their followers list daily? Must be guilty of something, so worried people will unfollow them?? Lol!

Okay, now the question is, when you found out that your friend unfollowed/blocked you for no apparent reason, what will you do?

1) Private msg him/her to ask.
2) Unfollow/block him/her back and condemn him/her and starts to talk about him/her.

There's this saying, "once FAKE friends stop talking to you, they start talking about you".

And I totally agreed!

Thank god I'm not becos I'll ASK, unless I knew the reason behind it, then I'll just ignore.

Frankly speaking, I feel that all these social platforms HARM and HURT relationships so much. Sensitive people love to assume, which is why friends can turn enemies overnight.

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