Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Day x 2

Becos of the public holiday, we had two family outings over the long weekend. Well, we seldom have family outing nowadays becos i don't wish to die so early? Meimei refused to find ZY and she sticks to me like a leech. (I don't know why, they are more cooperative when i bring them out alone!) I cannot get used to it becos Raeann is not lidat!!! Raeann is much more independent, which is what i wanted her to be.

However, i don't blame Meimei for refusing to find ZY. Becos a kid is still a kid afterall, they will only look for those who spent time with them. ZY never make the effort to divert her attention away. What he do is, ask me to bring her along! Then he will say "not i don't wanna help u, is Meimei don't wanna find me"! -.-

So, in order to solve this "problem", i choose not to go out. I'd rather waste the weekend at home. At least, i don't have to get angry & behave like one mad woman in public. Only when days i feel like stepping out of the house, then i'll take the 'risk'. LOL! And now i know, never take any 'risk' on days when i'm not feeling well again.

24th May 2013; Friday

Nothing much, just (late) lunch, ice cream & movie - Fast & Furious 6. 

Me & ZY slept before 10pm that night, too tired from chasing Meimei around, lolol.

25th May 2013; Saturday

Love her natural rosy cheeks!

Didn't know she turned 20 months liao, haha, still thought she's around 19 months only.

Wanted to bring the kids to Kidz Amaze but Raeann can't get her spelling right, and Meimei didn't behave, so yes, STAY AT HOME. I don't wish to pressurize them in their studies or be a kiasu mummy (make them take up tons of extra activities), but the basics in school, please do it properly. Asked ZY if he's one vomit-blood son in the past? Becos Raeann is making me vomit blood now. 

I don't think i gave my parents any stress in my studies when i was young? What i remember was, i seldom see my parents, they don't have any time for me at all, let alone monitoring my studies. I'm not one fantastic student lah, but i managed to go EM2 and Express, all thanks to Rulang, i supposed.

LOLOL, found this photo in my cousin's photo album. Days when i was learning 珠心算 in Rulang. 

You see, during my Primary school days, i'm already very independent. I woke up every morning myself, tied my hair myself, walked to school myself (don't play play, around 15-20 mins walk ok), attended ECA myself and etc. Which is why i die die want to train my kids to be independent, cos life is so fragile nowadays, i don't know when i will leave them. And i don't think i can count on ZY at all, moreover they are girls. (Even if they're boys, i don't think i can count on him too!) 靠自己最好!

26th May 2013; Sunday

Brought the kids to Wisma becos we have to bring DLG there for repair. 

Raeann's hair is very very long now, i likey!!! 

Wanted to get this home but lazy to queue. 

And i wanna go Chanel boutique but ZY don't let me go in, giving plenty of lame excuses, he said got walk past can already, lolol. He said it's a waste of money (which i somehow agree cos i'm aiming for one bag again) but i told him, "i also never ask you to pay what" then he kept quiet. 

Went for extremely early dinner @ 4+pm becos Raeann was complaining hungry!

Tepanyaki; ZY's favourite!!!

Most of the time, Jiejie will help to feed Meimei when she has finished her food.

A crappy day with crappy headache and a crappy baby. Nuff' said. Only consolation is, Raeann was very well-behaved! :)


  1. My sis also behaves(everytime) like mad mother when bringing out my 2 nephews. Sometimes, I act like mad aunt outside to.

    Haha, which bag you aiming!!!

    1. I feel your sister, lolol. Very paiseh one. But i refrained myself from shouting/screaming/scolding my kids in public, unless super duper fucking angry, else i won't blow up. Later bo tai bo chi tio stomp then 很好笑. LOL

      Leboy!!! U know which one??? Hee...


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