Saturday, May 4, 2013

If only, humans can be less sensitive...

By now, I should be very used to people mis-interpreting my words/actions/behaviour/whatever. But it really really makes me wonder, WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE SO SENSITIVE (& FREE)??? Why must they always think of the negative instead of the positive? Negative think-too-much always lead to unfound misunderstandings.

No pun intended examples:-

1) People msg me when I was driving. I glanced at the msg, replied with short sentence or didn't reply until I stop the car, people said I gave attitude???

2) I'm not one who is hook on the phone 24/7. I don't set password and my kids always play with my phone. So sometimes when people msg me, I didn't see that msg at all becos the kids will just click away. And when I didn't reply, people said I'm anti-social???

3) When I'm out alone with the kids, I don't have much chance to use the phone at all. People msg me, I will read, then I'll reply only when I'm free. But sometimes, I forgot. So people said I gave attitude, again???

4) I'm inactive on Twitter/Instagram nowadays. Sometimes, I'll just post a pic/tweet and never log in for the next few days. People msg me, when I happen to see, I'll reply immediately. When I don't reply, it doesn't mean that I dislike you and deliberately don't reply to you. It's becos I didn't see that msg/have no time to reply. (Sometimes, I'll reply after a few days/weeks when I check back during my sibei free time!) And, let me repeat myself again, I'm not so childish and bo liao to delete/unfollow/block anyone from my social platforms for no apparent reason. And neither do I check who delete/unfollow/block me daily. I'm not that free!

Etc etc etc. Like seriously? Why so sensitive over such minor issues? Don't they feel tired to think too much??? Does it means I have to hold on my phone 24/7 and reply immediately to be a good & nice friend/person? -.-


Fucking irritated by all these nonsensical bullshits! Not gonna share/comment/reply anything in future!

NOTE TO SELF : Stay away from sensitive emos!!! Else, I won't know how/when I'll get myself into trouble (again). 请走开,谢谢!

P/S : 有些人,只会讲别人,却不能给别人讲,真输不起。


  1. Agrees!! Experienced the same.. kids playing with phone and click away the sms and when i realised could be next day or worse.. few days later. Always tell my family and friends to text and call me repeatedly if it's something urgent. If they don't, it means they don't need my urgent attention. Just forgive hose who are too free, always holding their phone, waiting for sms or call. They are too lonely that's why.

    1. Hanor, too free that's why got too much time to think too much.


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