Wednesday, May 29, 2013

《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck

Anyone watched this show last night? Yesterday evening, my mum deliberately whatsapp to remind me to watch channel 8 at 8pm. I didn't know what show it was at first. So i watched, with the two kiddos. (Meimei was having fever due to teething and was kinda cranky!)

My tears lost control when i was watching, it's so heart breaking to see those little kids suffer, from some rare illnesses. Really super salute their parents, i hope they will stay strong and optimistic! :)

Felt so guilty after watching becos sometimes when my kids whine and throw tantrum, i get frustrated, easily. And i grumbled about how active and mischievous they are. But actually, their active-ness & mischievous-ness are forms of blessing, something which i failed to understand in the past.

Well, all along, i don't expect much from them. That's why i forbid myself to be a kiasu mummy. I don't need them to be a 大学生 or a professional, be one average person whom know how to be filial, appreciative, responsible and contented will do.

(ZY said, most of those that held good career + good salary are those who will put parents into old folks home becos they have no time for them. Maybe yes, but still up to individual lah.)

All in all, still, stay healthy and safe, that's all i wished for! :)

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  1. i watched. i also tear at some point. it make me worry about my future kid... i wish they can be healthy when i have my babies!

    1. Hanor, it's so heart breaking. :(

      Don't worry Sera, you will have beautiful and healthy kids! :)


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