Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My car ki siao-ed!!!

Just now, on the way to LTA, just about to enter PIE, this sign popped out...

I freaked out, becos i don't know what happened and upon exiting Lornie Road, i quickly drove in Shell petrol kiosk. Uncle was nice to help me filled up all the water, i bought a can of coffee for him in return. Knowing how to be grateful & reciprocate are important, i feel. Sometimes, small little gesture like this, is enough to make one's day! :)

Sidetrack : No matter what type of relationships, many people fell out becos of money. When you owe money, you HAVE TO pay money. Don't pretend to forget ok? Super hate those people hor, borrow money refused to return, then super not-scare-people-dulan, keep posting about how they enjoy their life and buy this buy that! Sibei buay paiseh!

Okay, back to the car now. The sign didn't go off after all the water refilled, uncle asked me to send to "car hospital". I snapped this photo and send to ZY, he asked me to call him when i reach office, he will come and take my car for "check up". The sign remained there all the way.

I felt so stress and sad becos i wondered how much will i have to pay for it's medical fee again? :( 

Miracle happened...

ZY just came, and he claimed that i bluffed him becos THE SIGN DISAPPEARED! What the fuck is this? Hey Swifty, are you playing a joke on me??? 

Then he said becos i'm unlucky and he's very lucky. I told him, "ok, we shall exchange car then". LOL! Wah lau eh, buay tahan, i must buy 4D liao. Please come out tonight, thank you, HUAT OH! 

P/S : Bo bi the sign won't come out again, i'm meeting Ah Ling tomorrow!!!

Very random; this necklace was bought by my mum (to me) when we were in Tokyo Disney Land/Sea in 2006. Till now, i can't bear to open and use!!! It's not expensive but i love it alot! (Did i mention before that i keep ALL the angbaos my mum gave me on my birthday every year? I never use the money. I shall keep & keep and maybe one day, i can afford a Birkin, lol.)

My daughter gave me a difficult task to do again, she asked for a special birthday theme to celebrate in school this year. So stress becos it's not easy to find!!! 

Sidetrack again : Last night, i was searching high and low for a nice paper bag to put the gifts i bought for ML and thus, i slept late. ZY came back from billiard, i don't know why he so happy, he saw me and said, "Hello, haven sleep ah? Waiting for me to come back issit?" and grinz! -.- I feel like slapping him. HAHA


  1. go for this.for raeann's bday


    1. Wah!! How you know Raeann loves Pasta Mania huh? LOLOL


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