Friday, May 31, 2013

Raeann (K2C) - Meet The Parents Session

Had a good 1 hour plus chat with Raeann's two main teachers this morning, gotta know more about what my daughter did in school... Deliberately asked Raeann not to go becos i wish to hear honest comments about her.

All the above were during 2011, her nursery life...

I can't stop laughing at this, lolol. Why the ear and nose so small? ZY said that's ear shit, hahaha! And omg, look at how she wrote her Chinese name!!! LOLOL! I've already corrected her and it's nicer now, haha!

Oh yes, even though i'm the one doing all the talkings and questionings, i made ZY go with me, no excuses. It's one of his basic duties as a father, i think. I mean, he SHOULD know what and how his daughter is progressing. The school organised a Parent's Day tomorrow and i told him that no matter what, he must go becos his daughter is so enthu about the performance tomorrow. He also loves the kids lah, becos he seldom say no to them. 

Alright, teachers said she's a very competitive and kiasu person, everything also wanna be first. Learn & do her tasks very fast. She's very spontaneous and loves to lead. She will get upset if friends refused to listen to her. (Alamak, she's not a LEO, why lidat huh? So domineering!!! No pun intended, i read this on some Zodiac websites.) 

She's one fighter. If she lost, she will push herself to do better, and better. Teachers said there are pros and cons in such character. I'm worried she will stress herself too much. (She isn't like this in the past!)

P/S : Her Chinese teacher gave her 9 pages of homework to do during the June Holiday. But this morning, she completed EVERYTHING already. No nagging or reminder needed, super auto. ZY said it's good in a way, better than too lazy to do and i need to push her. 

I was telling ZY that i don't quite like her "love to lead", "domineering" and "competitive" character. He said it's not a bad thing actually. Hmm, but i think otherwise.

Becos, in this world, NOT everyone will listen and give in to you, just like me. I hate and will not give in to people who think that the whole world must listen, give in to them and be under their control. 

P/S : Thank god she's not "manipulative" (influencing or attempting to influence the behavior or emotions of others for one’s own purposes). People who are manipulative tend to influence everyone around him/her to hate his/her enemies. I HATE SUCH PEOPLE TO THE CORE. 

Anyway, i hope Raeann will change for the better as she grows up! :)

Time is passing way too fast, i can't even. In another few months time, she's going to another phrase of her education/life. I'm honestly NOT anticipating it at all. Sigh~ 

Okay, till today then i know, there are no exams in P1 and P2, and they've already scrape the STREAMING (EM1, EM2, EM3) system. I heard from the principal that MOE has actually given a guideline to GO SLOW and not stress out the children. Not all schools follow the guideline though. 

We really need to slow down our pace a little, so that we can see and appreciate all the goods around us! ^.^


  1. That time I had the same feeling as u...
    Not anticipating it... But,we can't stop the time from passing... They are glowing up too fast and it makes us to another lever of Stress!!!!

  2. Hi babe your kid is so goood will get everythings done auto is really a good thing i agree with your hubby coz my kid no matter doing what stuff she will need to me push and push scold and scold. I can just die from nagging away i hate myself for being like this cos i am not a person who like to nag like an aunty but it just can't help at all. Thumb up for your kid. By the way how do u teach your kid till so independant and obey? Make me feel that i am a failure mother. So sad!!!!

    1. Nah, don't blame yourself, every kids has different kind of character and need different method of disciplines. My kids are not very obedient, most of the time, i need to flash my cane, then they will be scare.

      Independent wise, i guess it's her own character bah. She has been quite independent since young.

  3. Wah... Now even kindergarten report book so nice. Still got snapshot of e on-going activities.

  4. Wah... Now even kindergarten report book so nice. Still got snapshot of e on-going activities.


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