Monday, May 13, 2013

So much to say...

First of all, let me wish all the mummies in the world a belated Happy Mother's Day. Hope your yesterday was well spent with your loved ones!

Received all these from my elder precious whom drew me like a ghost! HAHAHA

Mother's Day dinner with ILS on Friday evening.

Another one added to Meimei's collection. 

Frankly speaking, i hate soft toys becos i don't have space to place them nicely. But Raechelle really love Care Bears alot, and that's the only toy she will get excited about. She hugs her Care Bears to sleep every night. Nope, she doesn't have/want any "smelly pillow" or bolster. 

Meimei is wearing jiejie's 3-5 years old dress lor & she's only 19 months old.

(She saw jiejie put hairband, she also went to take one hairband and put, so funny!)

Bought this for Raeann during Nov'10, when she was 3 years 2 months old (And she was able to wear till around 5 years old!). Look at the length, Meimei is so much taller!!! But i prefer girls to be more petite leh!!! 

Treated mummy to 2nd round of Mother's Day meal last night (shared among all of us)! But i think we shall cook at home from next year onwards! 

The first round was lunch @ 海底捞火锅 2 weeks ago.

I removed my previous post becos i decided not to reveal much about my house/family. Nothing personal, i just don't wish my family to get criticized and cursed for no reason.

Also, i've decided not to add any more readers on FB. I need to draw a line between cyber friends/readers and friends. Some cyber friends/readers cannot be real friends becos they're too sour. Many of them are sibei 看不开, they cannot see people better than them. BUT, they will still act like so nice and friendly to you!

Of cos, there are still nice people around, and i'm thankful to have known them! :) But it's enough, i think. Quality over quantity. No point having so many friends when 80% of them secretly hate you.


  1. Hmm... Is that ur mom? Look very young wor...

    1. Ya, my mum, lol. Thank you on her behalf! Hee


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