Thursday, May 16, 2013

So sad!

Realised that DLG is spoilt this morning! :(

Button lost, the metal piece don't know pop out from where??? Probably it's cos ZY dropped it that night, but we didn't know that the impact is so big becos it's inside the bag and we didn't check it on the spot. Sigh~ Anyone knows where can i repair this??? 

Seriously, this camera is so CHUI (disfigured by Bobo lor) now, i feel like buying a new one!!! Am i able to trade in?? Can some kind soul teach me what to do? Thank you.


Last night, ZY pestered me to go for late night shopping with him at NTUC becos we last minute realised that Meimei has run out of diaper!!! I thought there is still an unopened big pack at home. Asked him to go himself becos i was super sleepy already. Then he said, "就是要你陪嘛". -.-" So i went with him lah, in my pajamas!!! I was so lazy to even change! Sibei nua! And we went to JP! Haha! 

Half the trolley sponsored by Government.

(Thanks but no thanks, give us abit, take back triple! -.-)

Also brought Raechelle to register for Little Learners Playgroup yesterday morning. 

(She's coming to the office tomorrow for the whole day. Good game liao!) 

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