Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank you, for being my friend!

Date : 23rd May 2013

Words can't express how grateful i am for having this friend of more than 2 decades. Despite meeting her less than 5 times a year (there was a period of time we didn't meet for a few years. No why, we were just busy with our own stuffs.), BUT she never fail to remember my birthday every year. Even when those few years we did not managed to meet-up, she MAILED those birthday/X'mas presents to my house!!! And oh yes, i've received my first 2013 birthday present from her, exactly 1 month before my birthday... (She said she kiasu cos she scare i got no time to meet her next month. So touched!)

One sincere heart, two heartfelt words; THANK YOU! :)

Went to pick her up at her work place on Thursday evening. I was there one hour earlier becos i went straight from my customer's place. And becos my car ki siao-ed again (freaking light pop out on my way to customer's place), i went to search for a petrol kiosk nearby her work place. 

Very thankful to meet nice people everyday. Those indian guys at the petrol kiosk were so helpful, helped me to check everything, pump air into my tyre and etc. Bought some Belgian coated caramel waffle biscuits for them in return. Forgot to take photo of it before giving them, it's VERY yummy, i love it! (I forgot who bought for me from Europe before!)

Spent more than 1 hour at the petrol kiosk becos i washed/vacuumed my car too. By then, ML can leave already, just nice! ^.^

We planned to go to MBS - TWG Tea Salon becos i wanna try TWG macarons (my bro told me it's as good as LADURÉE so i wanna try lah). ML likes macarons too. We decided to have our dinner there as well, since we have no idea what to eat for dinner. 

2nd time stepped into MBS officially. (Photo taken after dinner!)

Soooooooooooooooo many types of TEA!!!

We each had a pot and ordered another pot to share after that.

If you think my complexion is good, you should see hers! OMG, FLAWLESS is the only word to describe!!! Forgot to ask what's her 秘诀, lolol! Tell me next time, if you're reading this!!!

Haha, i kept taking photos, those people infront/behind must have thought i'm siao? LOL

Bought macarons home for the family!!! I still prefer LADURÉE, albeit more expensive. 

Walked abit, sent her back home, chatted more than 1 hour below her block, lolol. We can't bear to go home, i think? Just have TOO MUCH to chat about! Till we meet again, next month probably! =)

P/S : Sorry if you think that i only have that few "boring" friends. MY TIME IS TOO PRECIOUS, i'll only reserve it for people who are precious to me. I can't go out everyday/everytime/as and when i feel like it. So when i've the chance to go out, i'll of cos meet people who have been asking to meet me. Those who don't bother, i don't bother as well! :)

Hello, look what i've on my bag? Hee

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