Monday, May 20, 2013

The same o' boring updates about the kids!

Just had my super late breakfast + lunch cos i was at SNEC for the whole morning, alot of people + not enough doctors = long queue + long wait! Sigh~

Raeann has programs lined up for last weekend, she didn't come home from Thursday night till Sunday noon; Ethan celebrated his 7th birthday at RWS. So Meimei was all the way with me during that few days, i brought her here (office) last Friday. Time passed super fast when she was around. In a blink of eyes, 5pm liao and shortly after, time to go home, lol.

This is a MUST; my best friend since about 5 years ago. Hope i can unfriend it asap! 

She asked 面面 for breakfast! =)

Time for nap! ^.^

On the way out for lunch!

Watami @ JCube!

Eat eat eat eat eat, non stop leh! 

Saturday - Kidz Amaze

Becos jiejie went havoc, i see meimei at home so poor thing, i decided to bring her to Kidz Amaze and thank god, my bones didn't break, lol. 

But first, lunch at Jack's Place and meimei choose what she wanted to eat. She pointed at the picture, said she want rice and meat. Nowadays, she started to choose what she wanna wear too. But luckily, the clothes she choose, quite feminine one, unlike her jiejie (army? power ranger? omg). 

Things are so much easier with just one kid; so much more freedom & energy, patience & temper so much better too. I don't wish meimei to grow up so fast lah becos it will be more stressful when they grow up.

The canteen aunty will repeat this, "give birth one more, boy" every single time i walk pass her. Just now i told her, "even if people give me $20K, i also don't wanna give birth liao".

I jolly well know where i stand and how much i can take. Now, i will not do things to make my own life difficult and end up kpkb whole day & night anymore. WHAT FOR? 

(If she says that again, i'll confirm ask her, "why? got boy my life will be better issit?". Don't understand why some people always boy boy boy boy boy! Why? Got boy, i will have very good life huh? *roll eyes*)

To me, boy or girl is THE SAME, as long as they are healthy and safe, and i'm blessed enough to watch them grow up/old and closing their chapter by chapter. My life will be completed this way.

Totally HATE people who 重男轻女, i'll always *roll eyes* at such people!!! -.-

Disclaimer : My words are ONLY against people who 重男轻女. If you're not, please don't assume i'm writing about you ok? 

I think my socks damn funny! Meimei's one super cute!

She was scare of the vacuum cleaner alike voom sound at first, kept telling me "i scare, i scare", lol. But after awhile, she warmed up liao...

And climbed this MORE than 10 times, omg. 

There were three stranger jiejies who kept watching out for her, passed her bags and bags of balls and gave her balls whenever they saw her. They told me that they only look after those younger ones. Thumbs up for their behaviours!

Whereas, there was ONE BOY, who came to snatch ALL meimei's balls and he said, "please don't take the balls leh. We're holding a rainbow party here, not you, so you're not supposed to take any balls". Really is roll my eyes 10x leh! 

P/S : The 3 girls and that boy are around the same age, maybe around 8 - 10 years old? 

Before i continue, i need to make sure my kids did not do that first so i asked Raeann yesterday, did she talk lidat to anyone during their party last year? She replied, "没有啦,Kidz Amaze 又不是我买的,也不是你买的,那里可以这样讲?" Okay, good!

But no, i did not scold him becos afterall, i'm an adult, he's a kid. If he cry after i scolded him, doesn't that makes me a bully? At that point of time, i wish Raeann was around becos i'm sure she will scold him on our behalf, lol. 

What i did was, asked meimei to hold onto her balls and IGNORE that little fellow. So sut, ask his parents to book the whole place lah. DUH! 

Baby corner!

She felt sleepy already and she said she wanna go home. 

Poor girl having constipation despite drinking lotsa water. WHY HAVE TO BE SAME AS MUMMY!!!??? But she still eat every meals leh, don't know where her food goes to? LOL

Sunday - Mayim @ West Mall

Slept through this lazy Sunday. Prolly becos jiejie's not around and i can nap peacefully with meimei. Heehee! It's good to have such peace sometimes. Jiejie came back around 4+pm, her father had wanted to bring her out initially.

Meimei woke up immediately upon hearing her jiejie's voice. And they hugged and hugged, like 10 years never see each other lidat, lol. 

Cool not? Haha

Don't ask me where/what am i looking at, i've no idea too.

Two walking chocolate, lolol!

Settled our dinner at Mayim. We just went last Thursday nia! 

Both girls finished their big bowl of rice, with lotsa meat & veges. 

This pic looks funny. On the first look, anyone thought that's my hand??? LOL! 

Look carefully, it's Raeann's hand!!! My hand not so small and chubby lah! Haha! I wish i've short & chubby fingers becos they said that symbolize "good life". Mine are long and wrinkled, i think i'm a slave in my previous life? LOLOL! 

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