Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Just in time, it's 12am sharp now. This blog was successfully migrated over just 5 minutes ago. Didn't know it takes so long? About 1 hour!

Nothing except the URL changed, i'm still me. Just that i made an impulsive decision TO CHANGE MY HAIRSTYLE earlier. SIGH!

1 x impulsiveness, 2 x shorter, 3 x lighter.

And my hair looks like a broom now!!! :( It's kinda funny so i tied it up! I'm not kidding, it's really SHORT now, around shoulder length (even shorter than Raeann's). I didn't ask her to cut THIS short (about 3" snipped off lor), but she just happily cutted & trimmed. Not sad lah, just need time to get used to it. Anyway, hair will grow what, i never feel sad for cutting my hair before (unless it's botak?).

P/S : I'm GOOD at doing such "stuffs" leh. I can suka suka walk into ANY salon to change my hairstyle, as and when i feel like it. Never and don't have to think at all!

Well, i look much younger than before with this hairstyle, as commented by everyone. No regret lah cos it's so much easier to manage now! :)

God knows what i will do to it next? LOL


  1. Yeah! I am the first one to comment:) show us ur new hairstyle leh.. hehehe!

    P.S. desiree here.. somehow.. i cannot log into my account.. zzz

    1. Okie, wait till i got the camwhore mood, hahaha!


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