Sunday, June 30, 2013

姐姐, 一样

瑄瑄, despite being 4 years younger than her sister, never failed to think of her sister all the time. 

Wherever she wants to go, she will definitely ask jiejie to go as well. Sometimes, when her jiejie has other "program" and she's being left alone with me, she will keep asking where's her jiejie? 

Whenever I said I wanna buy something for her, she will say "姐姐, 一样", which means, she's asking me to get one for jiejie also. 

Becos of her non selfish & smiley character, she's definitely getting more love & attentions now. 

Raeann also loves her Meimei lah, but sometimes, she's selfish, refused to share. But I'll always remind her, how much her Meimei loves her & think of her all the time. So now, she's much much better than before. 

Photo above was taken after our dinner just now. I promised her to get her ice cream if she finished all her food, got her yogurt instead cos she requested for it. She volunteered to share & feed her Meimei. Felt really 欣慰 looking at such scenarios! I guess this is what all parents love to see - love & harmony between siblings. Hope they will stay this way, for as long as they live! ^.^

(ZY just asked me if I saw the video of the dog filled with worm? NO. I hate to see such horrifying videos/photos (like accidents & etc) and I'll never ever click on them too! I seldom click (& watch) videos on FB anyway, unless I know for such is some comedy & I'm super free at that point of time! I usually scroll/glance through my newsfeed nia!) 

Dinner with thy family at Anchor Point just now, been years since I last stepped there, it's definitely more interesting now! 

Saw that they have an indoor playground there, shall bring the kiddos there next time! 

Need to retire early from tonight onwards cos my dearest 瑄瑄 gonna starts her first day of school (playgroup) tomorrow!!!

Everyone's so excited for her, I don't know why, cos they said they will be there to "see" her. Haha! Even her bo-chup father wanna sacrifice his beauty sleep tomorrow morning hor! 

"Really? I'm so popular???"

Ever since the day she came into my life, I started to appreciate motherhood more & more! (Thus, the less complaints now!) 

In the past, I felt that Raeann is my duty & responsibility. But now, they are my joy & happiness. Mindset changed, hence caused a huge change in me as well! 


In my own sweet little world!

Harlow, I just came back from the airport, went to welcome back my bro & sil! But before that, the husband brought me to 126 for a light supper!

Okay, I've to confess, I was already super very super full before going to 126, burping away non stop liao. But I made ZY bring me there becos he promised to bring me there on Friday night but end up, he went to sleep! -.- No idea why I suddenly craved for it on Friday morning!  (It's Sunday already oh!) 

*eat die me*

Just the two of us... Par tor or what! Hahaha

Ok lah, I know he loves me lah, otherwise he will not bother about my request! We were so lucky to get a parking space right in front of the shop! Hee 

Waited 30 mins for the food to be served, they already informed us before hand. Luckily we were not hungry, at all.

Hahah, dehydrated 小笼包!!! 

Food standard seemed to have dropped, not as good as before. And it's expensive. (Dim sum is expensive everywhere though!) However, their business is still very good leh. They even opened a new branch at Serangoon area!

Maybe becos I'm not hungry? That's why I don't find it delicious?

Hahaha, a friend asked me why am I always so blur, everything don't know and don't care? My reply? 

"Not that I'm blur but I just stay in my own world too much. I don't bother about others. It's better lidat! Caring & knowing too much might not be a good thing lor!" 

I guess, all the problems that I've encountered over the past few years, made me lidat! 

But I don't think it's something bad leh, becos I'm much more happier & positive NOW!! 

不听 & 不管 = 不知道 = 不会被影响

Don't ya agree? 

Time to join my two little sleeping beauties for bed now! 

Nights world! ^.^ 

My life is beautiful, all because of them.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Power song; meaningful lyrics + fantastic voice. Anyone heard it before?

I was told that there's a very very sad & touching true story behind this song. The singer/writer of this song passed away at the age of 17. Before she died, she wrote and sang this song for her then boyfriend. 

However, no one can certify whether it's true or fake. But whatever! Just enjoy the song, damn nice!


Why i so kiasu huh?

LOL! Now is still June right? LOL!

Guess what? I've already prepared all the Teacher's Day gifts liao! =X

Actually, i placed orders for it about 3 weeks ago (received it 10 mins ago), sibei kiasu lor! Seller's so nice to deliver it personally. Well, the delivery took slightly longer due to haze. But i wasn't in a hurry at all, so i kept telling her, "it's okay, no hurry". As long as i can receive it before Teacher's Day, i'm okay, lol.

Becos it's her last year in this school, i customized this for her two main teachers. 

My mum said it's very pretty and asked why only two?? I told her if i were to do it for ALL the teachers in her school, i'll be broke! Customized stuffs are NEVER cheap, but i like becos it's something "uniquely you". I'm always very willing to spend on customized stuffs, anytime. 

To each of his own, is what i ALWAYS think. If you are one who do becos your friends are doing, buy becos your friends are buying, say becos your friends are saying, so what's the real you then? Be yourself lah, everyone's unique. 

Of cos, i've prepared other stuffs for the rest of her teachers too. If ZY knows, he will say i'm too rich again. Aiya, last year already, 随便啦!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Urgently required!!!

A reliable and affordable WEB DESIGNER for an online shop. 

Kindly contact me at!

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So addicted!!!

Till i hope i can dream of him...


YES, HIM. Too charming to resist!!! I'm obsessed!

Omg, my taste didn't change after so long, i'm still attracted to "boyish bad boy looks", lolol.

Repeated this song more than 80x yesterday and still repeating it now, hahahah! 
Conversation between me and a gf:-

Me: 哎哟, 男人泪, so charming one. I heart broken.
J: Why? Man cry very charming huh?
Me: Not all hor!!! Must be handsome, cry then people will think he's charming. If not handsome + cry baby = go bang the wall please!
J: Yes yes yes!

I'm always very doubtful when people said "looks doesn't matter".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Experienced a huge thunderstorm & saw hailstones today!!! No idea where and who else saw the hailstones too but I'm very sure I saw it with my own eyes, at Bukit Batok. Wonder why it only happened in the west side of Singapore huh?

The wind was damn strong & scary. Everything literally flew everywhere. All I heard was "pik piak pik piak, ping pong ping pong". I saw my rooftop shaking, quickly grabbed my bag and asked my mum to shift to another side. 

But when we opened the door, we saw that outside was even more chaos. If I'm like 5kg lighter, I might get blown away, not kidding lor!! 

However, the rain decided to calm down after 15-20 minutes & everything returned back to normal! I'm talking about the weather and sky? Saw the blue sky & sunny Singapore once again. 

Saw many many fallen trees on my way home, especially along Bukit Batok & Jurong East. It's not so bad in Jurong West though. 

*Extracted a few photos from my friend's FB! Live & real! 

It was really jialat, first time ever, I saw something lidat!!! Poor car owners, I hope nobody or animal is injured!!! 

Many people goes "wow" and asked if it's real when they saw all the photos & videos! So, should I be honoured that I experienced it myself? 

It was very scary, I swear but a great experience, I'd say! What are the chances to see the sky dropping ice in Singapore? I don't know & I don't bother to find out but it's definitely my first!

And LOL, I saw an article on FB and can't stop laughing when I read it! One siao lang went to EAT three hailstones & got diarrhoea!!! Wth!! Hahahah! 

So lame when some people complained & blamed PAP for every single thing!!! 

Well, my principle in life is, "对事不对人". 

It's a fact that I disagree and dislike current PAP's ways of management. BUT, I'm 理智 enough to know that PAP didn't cause & want the haze too. And hello, everyone has been asking for rain, isn't it? Just that nobody expects sucha huge thunderstorm & hailstones, not even the PAP leh! Since when can human control the weather? Lol! 

I thank god I'm still alive! Hope to see a peaceful Singapore, again! ^.^

Monday, June 24, 2013

[2] Hazy Birthday to ME!!!

So so so in love with this little floral dress from Esperanza Style located @ Far East Plaza #04-137A2. Quality & material are superb! This shop carries a few Japanese brand clothings like Liz Lisa, Ingni, Mercuryduo, Dazzlin & etc. Check them out ya!!! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

[1] Hazy Birthday to ME!!!

So, I'm another year wiser today!!! I'm still gonna bluff myself that I'm only 21, always. Sucks to age, hate it!

Not celebrating, will just go for dinner with thy family tomorrow. At home now, with two wide awake kiddos! (Trying to put them to bed now!) 

They slept from 5+pm and woke up only at 11+pm, didn't even have their dinner! Tried waking them up at 8+pm but they ignored me. Meimei still replied me "yes" when I asked her if she wanna eat something, but with her eyes closed and continued to K.O after replying me. Lolol! 

Raeann woke up first complaining "我肚子饿". The husband tried to wake Meimei up by telling her "jiejie, papa & mummy going out to eat huh". Upon hearing the word "mummy", she jumped up immediately. 

And they had their super late dinner, a light one though. 

(The husband is happily snoring away now, leaving me with the two of them! How loving of him hor?)

Greeted by Raeann's Birthday song (3 times) when the clock struck 12, Meimei followed suit to sing when jiejie was singing. 

Thank you my two babies, I suspect they deliberately slept through the evening so that they can accompany me now? Haha! Becos it's the first time they napped for so long lor! 

(ZY is jealous, he said "你们只有 mummy 的心 hor"! Hahah) 


One of the friends I met yesterday struck 2nd prize today, my car plate! He was so happy, said I'm his lucky star! Lol

I realised, I actually bring luck to my friends when my birthday is nearing becos he's not the first/only one! However, he didn't know it's my birthday today until just now. I didn't and don't intend to mention it cos birthday birthday lah, what's the big deal?! 

I dislike cutting a cake becos I don't like to be centre of attraction. It just feels funny when everyone's looking at me. 

Aiya, to me, if I'm happy, everyday also my birthday lor! 

But I'm glad and happy (can't decide to be sad or happy earlier becos I never buy, haha) that I brought happiness to an old friend whom I lost contact for the past 6 years! :) 

好心有好报 I think? He helped me so much last night! 

To be continued...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So loved!

Woke up feeling hungry, asked ZY if he can get us breakfast before he go to work? He gave me $21, asked me to call for delivery instead.

So I login to FB, wanted to check out Mc'donald page but saw that the current PSI level is 323. I assumed that there will be no delivery.

Whatsapp-ed ZY (I swear I'm not expecting anything), told him "got haze, no delivery". 

He called back (he's already on the expressway liao), asked me what I wanna eat, u-turned and got it for me!!! 

Heeheeheehee, suddenly treat me so nice, don't know got what motive again!! Or cos it's my "big day" tomorrow, so I got the queen treatment for the day? HAHAHAHA 


HK sticker dispenser from Happy Meal. I think I've mentioned it before, I no like HK, so I'll never understand the HK craze that's going on right now. But, isn't this more worth it than those plush toy? It's FOC somemore!!! 

P/S : Received so much loves these few days, I can't even. I know I'm blessed! ^.^ 


Misses those days when we meet up almost everyday. From pool to beer to World Cup to ECP to supper & etc. Even though i'm the youngest, FUN is the only word I can describe when I'm with them.

Knew them when I was 18, last saw them during my wedding day, time flies, 6 years had passed. But we can still talk like there's no tomorrow.

(They said they didn't dare to ask me out anymore is cos ZY looks very fierce and i'm scare of him. I was like, "WHAT???". They still can ask me, "you not scare of him meh?". HAHA! First time i heard people saying this. Does ZY looks fierce? LOL! And do i look like i'm scare of him??? LOLOL!)

I had so much fun tonight, sang to my fill, all becos of them. But I'm so paiseh, cos they don't allow me to spend a single cent! Wah lau! How can lidat! (Okay, I'm those even when I go out with MEN friends, I don't expect/want them to pay for me.) 

But the night had to end early, ALL BECOS OF MR HO LAH. TMD, everytime I go out, he never failed to ask me to pack food for him!!! 

They took care of me, don't allow me to drink much becos I'm driving, got me lemon water (first time I got home so super sober after drinking), escorted me to pack food & Carpark becos it's dangerous. (My cash card don't have enough credit when I wanna exit, Zen ran to help me top up & refused to take my $! Kaoz, so paiseh again!) Such friends, don't really exist nowadays. I'm thankful to know them. 

God decides who you will meet, you decide who will stay in your life. 

And for sure, they will never, ever be forgotten. 

P/S : Thank god the PSI came down, otherwise we will have to postpone the meet-up! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fuck the haze!!!

These few days, the PSI level have been fluctuating like crazy, going up as high as 371 this afternoon??? (I need not monitor, i just have to login to FB and there will be a string of similar updates on my newsfeed!)

I don't know how accurate the index is, but while driving to LTA just now, i thought i was in Genting Highland, except for the heat. Reached LTA, placed a parking coupon, got down the car but hopped back into the car immediately. The haze is making my head spin and causing difficulty in my breathing.

(Raeann's also complaining headache these few days!)

So, people who think that Singaporeans are too whiny, do you think we will whine if it doesn't affect us or our loved ones?

What can we do except whining when our Government is not doing anything? No, i'm not blaming our Government becos the haze is not caused by them. But i guess the least they can do to protect our safety and health is, maybe declare a P.H/Stop Work Order if PSI level goes above 300?

How to travel/work in such hazy condition? 

To those who said that declaring a P.H/Stop Work Order is useless and etc, you must be those sitting comfortably inside the office? Yes? HOW ABOUT THOSE STILL WORKING OUTDOOR? The haze doesn't affect you much doesn't mean that it don't affect others much too! (Get out of your turtle shell and take a look outside. I know becos i've been on the road lately! Already felt so uncomfy when i'm inside the car, let alone those braving the haze???)

Stop being selfish, spare a thought for others too. Do understand that not everyone has the luxury to stay inside the office to enjoy the aircon. 

Of cos, we will continue praying and hoping that the haze will go down/away everyday. But still, it's out of our control, the PSI level is rising almost every day/hour. Be realistic, praying and hoping doesn't help us to conquer the haze, at all. We need to protect our own health & safety!!! 

STAY INDOOR and drink more water everyone! 

P/S : NOT all kind of jobs/industries can be able to work from home or suka suka stop work unless Government give instructions! They have datelines and requirements to meet! Why can't some people understand this!!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Love this photo!

How hard and rare it is for all of them to coordinate so well? Thumbs up to the photographer; my sil, Zing! I super heart this photo, gonna develop it!  

Aiyoyo this Meimei ah, she can vomit on the bed & sleep as though nothing happened??? I didn't even know she vomited, becos there wasn't any signal at all!! 

Just found out, cleaned up, washed & changed her. And guess what she tell me?? 

"Bear bear 吐, not Meimei!" 

(She 'chupped ji kar' when me & ZY were talking about the haze.)

Oh, so the haze made her Care Bears unwell too, that's why her Bear Bear 吐 huh?? 

LOL! So young only so crappy already, lies in the gene, I think! HAHAHAHA 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


父亲节快乐! Happy Father's Day! 

If you've watched the Osim advertisement, you will get what I mean. Lolol! 

ZY received his Father's Day gift from Raeann last week, two boxers which I brought her to buy and paid for it.  He was so happy, still come and tell me Raeann's so sweet, 没有白疼她. Hmm...

The truth is, she actually don't wanna buy anything for him cos she's angry with him for some reason. But I told her cannot lidat, her daddy dotes on her the most. 

Anyway, the husband is so double standard!! If I'm the one who passed the gift to him, he won't say I'm sweet, not even a "thank you" lor! 

As for my own father, no gifts nor any mushy words lah, just a last minute planned dinner at a restaurant we are all oh-so-familiar with. We visit it quite often since more than 20 years ago (lesser lately though)! All those aunty waitresses whom worked there for many years knew & remember us. Maybe not me (cos i'm not a loud person), but they definitely remember my parents and Bobo, i always go with them anyway. 

Hilltop Japanese Restaurant! We named it "dua gan jiu" (big mug beer) though cos the beer mug is so huge! Food is great, price is reasonable. Love their cha-soba & mango pudding!! 

Aiya, why is my mum missing from all the pictures??? But I think Bo got take with her camera! (Talking about this, I think she has no intention to return me my camera!!) 

Joke of the day...

Me : 妹妹,妈咪美不美? 
小瑄瑄 : 美
Me : 爸爸 handsome 吗? 
小瑄瑄 : YES, UGLY. 

Lolol!! ZY will ask Meimei to call him "yandao" as and when. But Meimei will tell him, "papa ugly". Hahahah! 

Sigh, another day has passed, need to bring my dad for check-up again tomorrow. 

Have an early night all! :) 

Very Busy Weekend

And we attended Ler Yee's 1st Birthday party earlier... 

May this little princess here grow up well, happy & healthy! ^.^ I wanted to give angbao but ZY & Raeann went to buy a toy car for her, I didn't have the chance to see how it looks like though. Hope she will likes it anyway! 

This week is sho busy man. Tomorrow is my MIL's birthday + Zhanjun's son baby shower and its also Father's Day. I don't know how are we gonna split into 3 parts to attend 3 different places!!! All around same timing somemore! Omg!

And hor, my face suddenly pop out one very huge pimple, I squeeze & squeeze but can't squeeze out anything, damn irritating!!! Feel like taking needle to poke it!! Urghhhhh!! So emo now! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Aiyo, this Raechelle ah...

Have been blogging with phone lately cos (free) blogger app is so easy to use now, and it's very convenient cos I can blog anywhere, anytime I like!

Putting Meimei to nap now, so that i can go & bathe/prepare for Ler yee's first birthday party later at 1pm! 

(Okie, she's asleep!) 

Wah piang eh, becos of her, I need to hide my whatsapp icon becos she has been msging rubbish to random people. Nowadays even more tok gong cos she not only msg rubbish to random people, she will take photos & send them too!!! 

I tried locking my phone that time but eventually unlocked it cos she will keep pestering me, said she wants to listen to those kids songs. End up, she will still anyhow msg people again. Sigh~ 

Quitted pacifier for her already (told her cockroach bites all her pacifiers, haha) and started training her to sleep by herself now. 

Around 8:30pm +-, I'll off the light and put her on the bed, while I surf net with a cane. Haha 

She asked me to "da da" (pat pat) her to sleep, I told her she has grown up and cannot be "da da" already. 

So far so good, for the past 1 week or so, she just lie on the bed and sleep on her own. 

P/S : ZY tried disturbing her a few times, waved at her & etc, she didn't dare to get up, turned her head to another side, and sleep! ZY said I very power! Not I power ok, it's the cane power! 

That's how I trained Raeann too, she started even younger!! 

Okay lah, I go & bathe liao. Blog again soon! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back 2 Basic by Irene!

Omg, guess how long did my previous Gelish Pedi lasted me???


And the most amazing? 

All the nails & stones are still intact, up till today, except that my nails have grown longerrr! You tell me $45 well spent anot lah!!! 

Haha, it could have lasted longer if I still cannot find time to visit Irene. But I made an appointment with her many days back, for today. 

P/S : I'm super super sleepy cos I woke up at 5+am. Need to leave the house early to avoid terrific jam to send my dad to SNEC for his post-op assessment. Need to go again next Monday, SIGH BIG TIME.

Browsing on more than 20 nail books she has, always a headache when it comes to choosing design. It will never happen when I visit (any) nail salons becos they will tell me "ah, this ah, you need to add more $10 for nail art, $5 for the stones" & etc. End up, I'll always choose the cheapest design around. Which is not cheap at all, at least $60-$80?

That's why, I don't bother finding/trying other nail salons now. When I want to do my nails, I'll call Irene immediately. 

Okay, this time round, I'm going back to basic. Black, white, silver & gold never go wrong!! 

This set cost only $15, for classic (full set) mani + nail art. 


Edited : 14th June 2013, 3:50pm

She painstakingly drawn everything, took about 4 hours in total. Tired die us!

Irene - 90883120 (Call for appointment!)

Oh well, looks like alot of people have misunderstood so i'm gonna justify myself now. I DON'T MIND PEOPLE BUYING/DOING WHAT I BOUGHT/DID (in another word, copy) but I HATE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND/ACT IGNORANT WHEN ASKED. (Not when you're my friend!!! Just be frank can?)

As far as i know, those people who own a blog (with readers + blog frequently) are generally non-selfish people. We love to share, that's why we blog. 

I'm not an idiot leh! If i dislike people copying me, i might as well don't blog/post! Why bother wasting my time to take photos, type out a post and worry that people will copy me? Which siao one is this free huh???

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hospital so boring!

P/S : Oh my dearest iP5, can u kindly last till at least 3pm?! Spoiled my portable charger yesterday! :(

My dad's in operation right now, and I'm alone in this cafe, waiting for him. 

like being alone lah, having some ME-time, but I really really hate to waste my time lidat!!! 

I dislike being too free yet stranded at one place and there's nothing much I can do. 

I always have the chance to "shop" around the whole SGH every single time we come here cos the waiting time is so damn fucking long lah. (I'll end up buying all sorts of food!!)

And tomorrow, he needs to come back again for post-op assessment, at freaking 8:30am. 

Oh ya, there's a pair of father & son (I think) at the pre-op counter just now, they are ... hmm... sot sot?  

Not that I wanna be mean but they're indeed weird leh. The father still okay but the son simply treats everyone like animals! He was there "hello pussy! hello, good boy, sit!" etc. Or did he really saw invisible animals??? 

And, they have a super strong strange odour on them which can be detected from miles apart. I was sitting there, they came later, sat about 3-4 seats apart from me and I almost vomit. I kid you not! 

Okay *slap my own mouth* 不要讲别人!!!

I'm really super bored now. 


#nofilter #noedit

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday NO blue!!!

Becos of this!! Yippie!!! 

I won it from Instant Lucky Dip at Tampopo Liang Court!!! The lady said i'm very very lucky becos there is only 1 or 2 out of the whole lot!!! Ho ho ho, didn't i say i'll be very lucky this year? LOL! Just kidding, cos i didn't strike 4D, yet.

Need to order any of these to be eligible for the Instant Lucky Dip but today's the last day liao. How lucky i am!!! Heehee! Gonna use it on my birthday!!! ^.^

Edited : 7pm

Just now, I bought the girls two set of toys. Girl's toys which consist of fake mirror, lipstick, earrings, hair dryer & etc.

Raeann was very shock cos she knows I dislike buying toys. Other than toys, all their other stuffs are bought by me; shoes, clothes, books, stationeries & etc. Reason I buy is cos it's ONLY $2 per set. You see, they are destroyers, no point buying expensive ones. 

Then you know what happened????

They took out the toys, played for less than 5 mins, kept everything, complained very boring and then went to play balls/soccer. -.- 

Please tell me they are girls. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Uncle Sim's Daugher's Wedding

Uncle Sim has been working in the company since donkey years ago, he watched us grow, that's all i can say.

Grumpy cos of the terrible weather! I keep having migraine lately lor!

It was VERY VERY crowded, omg. 

I love Malay desserts/kueys and i only ate some of these! I don't eat nasi briyani, mutton nor beef. 

Feel like selling away this dress cos it's too loose on me!!! 

 Ah toot hair!

Hahaha, result of having a non-professional hairstylist as mum, lolol. She keep moving lah, then i keep trimming cos it's unbalance. It's still unbalance but i don't dare to trim further cos it's damn short liao!

@ Lot 1 after visiting in laws. 

LOL, my mum just asked me how am i going to celebrate my birthday. I was like, "huh? not celebrating lah, so old liao, celebrate for what?".

An old friend msg-ed me last Friday, wanted to bring me out for lunch today as he's flying off tomorrow. But i postponed it till 25th, after he's back cos i need to pass something to my accounts firm later. I don't like to rush lah!

I don't really see my birthday importantly but i appreciate people who remember when i didn't even mention anything.