Sunday, June 23, 2013

[1] Hazy Birthday to ME!!!

So, I'm another year wiser today!!! I'm still gonna bluff myself that I'm only 21, always. Sucks to age, hate it!

Not celebrating, will just go for dinner with thy family tomorrow. At home now, with two wide awake kiddos! (Trying to put them to bed now!) 

They slept from 5+pm and woke up only at 11+pm, didn't even have their dinner! Tried waking them up at 8+pm but they ignored me. Meimei still replied me "yes" when I asked her if she wanna eat something, but with her eyes closed and continued to K.O after replying me. Lolol! 

Raeann woke up first complaining "我肚子饿". The husband tried to wake Meimei up by telling her "jiejie, papa & mummy going out to eat huh". Upon hearing the word "mummy", she jumped up immediately. 

And they had their super late dinner, a light one though. 

(The husband is happily snoring away now, leaving me with the two of them! How loving of him hor?)

Greeted by Raeann's Birthday song (3 times) when the clock struck 12, Meimei followed suit to sing when jiejie was singing. 

Thank you my two babies, I suspect they deliberately slept through the evening so that they can accompany me now? Haha! Becos it's the first time they napped for so long lor! 

(ZY is jealous, he said "你们只有 mummy 的心 hor"! Hahah) 


One of the friends I met yesterday struck 2nd prize today, my car plate! He was so happy, said I'm his lucky star! Lol

I realised, I actually bring luck to my friends when my birthday is nearing becos he's not the first/only one! However, he didn't know it's my birthday today until just now. I didn't and don't intend to mention it cos birthday birthday lah, what's the big deal?! 

I dislike cutting a cake becos I don't like to be centre of attraction. It just feels funny when everyone's looking at me. 

Aiya, to me, if I'm happy, everyday also my birthday lor! 

But I'm glad and happy (can't decide to be sad or happy earlier becos I never buy, haha) that I brought happiness to an old friend whom I lost contact for the past 6 years! :) 

好心有好报 I think? He helped me so much last night! 

To be continued...


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