Monday, June 24, 2013

[2] Hazy Birthday to ME!!!

So so so in love with this little floral dress from Esperanza Style located @ Far East Plaza #04-137A2. Quality & material are superb! This shop carries a few Japanese brand clothings like Liz Lisa, Ingni, Mercuryduo, Dazzlin & etc. Check them out ya!!! 

Family; the most important people in my life, thank you all for everything. 

Now, here are my THANK YOU notes to:-

Meiling for the gift which she passed me one month ago! (Posted it before!)

Raeann for the $50 which is meant for a pair of heels but i have not managed to buy it yet. 

The husband for the $$$, he kiasu, passed me last week liao! 

Jamie for this huge parcel and card which I received few days ago! 

Mr Tan for this lovely card I received few days ago as well!

Charles & Keith for the leather pouch. It's the first time i received present from them after being their member for more than 10 years! I was told that they started this gesture only this year! (I heard that C&K is being brought over by LV, really???)

My dearest Mum for this fattest angbao ever & dinner last night!

Zing for this set of pretty pink brushes! 

And this lucky bracelet! =D

Lastly, THANK YOU to those who care, for all the well wishes & greetings. Be it in FB, Whatsapp or wherever, i read all of them. Appreciated & remembered.   

May all of you be blessed with good health & happiness. ^.^ 

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