Saturday, June 15, 2013

Aiyo, this Raechelle ah...

Have been blogging with phone lately cos (free) blogger app is so easy to use now, and it's very convenient cos I can blog anywhere, anytime I like!

Putting Meimei to nap now, so that i can go & bathe/prepare for Ler yee's first birthday party later at 1pm! 

(Okie, she's asleep!) 

Wah piang eh, becos of her, I need to hide my whatsapp icon becos she has been msging rubbish to random people. Nowadays even more tok gong cos she not only msg rubbish to random people, she will take photos & send them too!!! 

I tried locking my phone that time but eventually unlocked it cos she will keep pestering me, said she wants to listen to those kids songs. End up, she will still anyhow msg people again. Sigh~ 

Quitted pacifier for her already (told her cockroach bites all her pacifiers, haha) and started training her to sleep by herself now. 

Around 8:30pm +-, I'll off the light and put her on the bed, while I surf net with a cane. Haha 

She asked me to "da da" (pat pat) her to sleep, I told her she has grown up and cannot be "da da" already. 

So far so good, for the past 1 week or so, she just lie on the bed and sleep on her own. 

P/S : ZY tried disturbing her a few times, waved at her & etc, she didn't dare to get up, turned her head to another side, and sleep! ZY said I very power! Not I power ok, it's the cane power! 

That's how I trained Raeann too, she started even younger!! 

Okay lah, I go & bathe liao. Blog again soon! 

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