Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back 2 Basic by Irene!

Omg, guess how long did my previous Gelish Pedi lasted me???


And the most amazing? 

All the nails & stones are still intact, up till today, except that my nails have grown longerrr! You tell me $45 well spent anot lah!!! 

Haha, it could have lasted longer if I still cannot find time to visit Irene. But I made an appointment with her many days back, for today. 

P/S : I'm super super sleepy cos I woke up at 5+am. Need to leave the house early to avoid terrific jam to send my dad to SNEC for his post-op assessment. Need to go again next Monday, SIGH BIG TIME.

Browsing on more than 20 nail books she has, always a headache when it comes to choosing design. It will never happen when I visit (any) nail salons becos they will tell me "ah, this ah, you need to add more $10 for nail art, $5 for the stones" & etc. End up, I'll always choose the cheapest design around. Which is not cheap at all, at least $60-$80?

That's why, I don't bother finding/trying other nail salons now. When I want to do my nails, I'll call Irene immediately. 

Okay, this time round, I'm going back to basic. Black, white, silver & gold never go wrong!! 

This set cost only $15, for classic (full set) mani + nail art. 


Edited : 14th June 2013, 3:50pm

She painstakingly drawn everything, took about 4 hours in total. Tired die us!

Irene - 90883120 (Call for appointment!)

Oh well, looks like alot of people have misunderstood so i'm gonna justify myself now. I DON'T MIND PEOPLE BUYING/DOING WHAT I BOUGHT/DID (in another word, copy) but I HATE PEOPLE WHO PRETEND/ACT IGNORANT WHEN ASKED. (Not when you're my friend!!! Just be frank can?)

As far as i know, those people who own a blog (with readers + blog frequently) are generally non-selfish people. We love to share, that's why we blog. 

I'm not an idiot leh! If i dislike people copying me, i might as well don't blog/post! Why bother wasting my time to take photos, type out a post and worry that people will copy me? Which siao one is this free huh???

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  1. $15 for classic mani! Thats cheap! I also wan go do!~


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