Sunday, June 16, 2013


父亲节快乐! Happy Father's Day! 

If you've watched the Osim advertisement, you will get what I mean. Lolol! 

ZY received his Father's Day gift from Raeann last week, two boxers which I brought her to buy and paid for it.  He was so happy, still come and tell me Raeann's so sweet, 没有白疼她. Hmm...

The truth is, she actually don't wanna buy anything for him cos she's angry with him for some reason. But I told her cannot lidat, her daddy dotes on her the most. 

Anyway, the husband is so double standard!! If I'm the one who passed the gift to him, he won't say I'm sweet, not even a "thank you" lor! 

As for my own father, no gifts nor any mushy words lah, just a last minute planned dinner at a restaurant we are all oh-so-familiar with. We visit it quite often since more than 20 years ago (lesser lately though)! All those aunty waitresses whom worked there for many years knew & remember us. Maybe not me (cos i'm not a loud person), but they definitely remember my parents and Bobo, i always go with them anyway. 

Hilltop Japanese Restaurant! We named it "dua gan jiu" (big mug beer) though cos the beer mug is so huge! Food is great, price is reasonable. Love their cha-soba & mango pudding!! 

Aiya, why is my mum missing from all the pictures??? But I think Bo got take with her camera! (Talking about this, I think she has no intention to return me my camera!!) 

Joke of the day...

Me : 妹妹,妈咪美不美? 
小瑄瑄 : 美
Me : 爸爸 handsome 吗? 
小瑄瑄 : YES, UGLY. 

Lolol!! ZY will ask Meimei to call him "yandao" as and when. But Meimei will tell him, "papa ugly". Hahahah! 

Sigh, another day has passed, need to bring my dad for check-up again tomorrow. 

Have an early night all! :) 

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  1. Hahaha.. so cute ur gal... the daddy must hv treated them badly in the past life, so this life they cm and sabo him... hahaha


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