Saturday, June 22, 2013


Misses those days when we meet up almost everyday. From pool to beer to World Cup to ECP to supper & etc. Even though i'm the youngest, FUN is the only word I can describe when I'm with them.

Knew them when I was 18, last saw them during my wedding day, time flies, 6 years had passed. But we can still talk like there's no tomorrow.

(They said they didn't dare to ask me out anymore is cos ZY looks very fierce and i'm scare of him. I was like, "WHAT???". They still can ask me, "you not scare of him meh?". HAHA! First time i heard people saying this. Does ZY looks fierce? LOL! And do i look like i'm scare of him??? LOLOL!)

I had so much fun tonight, sang to my fill, all becos of them. But I'm so paiseh, cos they don't allow me to spend a single cent! Wah lau! How can lidat! (Okay, I'm those even when I go out with MEN friends, I don't expect/want them to pay for me.) 

But the night had to end early, ALL BECOS OF MR HO LAH. TMD, everytime I go out, he never failed to ask me to pack food for him!!! 

They took care of me, don't allow me to drink much becos I'm driving, got me lemon water (first time I got home so super sober after drinking), escorted me to pack food & Carpark becos it's dangerous. (My cash card don't have enough credit when I wanna exit, Zen ran to help me top up & refused to take my $! Kaoz, so paiseh again!) Such friends, don't really exist nowadays. I'm thankful to know them. 

God decides who you will meet, you decide who will stay in your life. 

And for sure, they will never, ever be forgotten. 

P/S : Thank god the PSI came down, otherwise we will have to postpone the meet-up! 

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