Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Experienced a huge thunderstorm & saw hailstones today!!! No idea where and who else saw the hailstones too but I'm very sure I saw it with my own eyes, at Bukit Batok. Wonder why it only happened in the west side of Singapore huh?

The wind was damn strong & scary. Everything literally flew everywhere. All I heard was "pik piak pik piak, ping pong ping pong". I saw my rooftop shaking, quickly grabbed my bag and asked my mum to shift to another side. 

But when we opened the door, we saw that outside was even more chaos. If I'm like 5kg lighter, I might get blown away, not kidding lor!! 

However, the rain decided to calm down after 15-20 minutes & everything returned back to normal! I'm talking about the weather and sky? Saw the blue sky & sunny Singapore once again. 

Saw many many fallen trees on my way home, especially along Bukit Batok & Jurong East. It's not so bad in Jurong West though. 

*Extracted a few photos from my friend's FB! Live & real! 

It was really jialat, first time ever, I saw something lidat!!! Poor car owners, I hope nobody or animal is injured!!! 

Many people goes "wow" and asked if it's real when they saw all the photos & videos! So, should I be honoured that I experienced it myself? 

It was very scary, I swear but a great experience, I'd say! What are the chances to see the sky dropping ice in Singapore? I don't know & I don't bother to find out but it's definitely my first!

And LOL, I saw an article on FB and can't stop laughing when I read it! One siao lang went to EAT three hailstones & got diarrhoea!!! Wth!! Hahahah! 

So lame when some people complained & blamed PAP for every single thing!!! 

Well, my principle in life is, "对事不对人". 

It's a fact that I disagree and dislike current PAP's ways of management. BUT, I'm 理智 enough to know that PAP didn't cause & want the haze too. And hello, everyone has been asking for rain, isn't it? Just that nobody expects sucha huge thunderstorm & hailstones, not even the PAP leh! Since when can human control the weather? Lol! 

I thank god I'm still alive! Hope to see a peaceful Singapore, again! ^.^

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