Sunday, June 30, 2013

姐姐, 一样

瑄瑄, despite being 4 years younger than her sister, never failed to think of her sister all the time. 

Wherever she wants to go, she will definitely ask jiejie to go as well. Sometimes, when her jiejie has other "program" and she's being left alone with me, she will keep asking where's her jiejie? 

Whenever I said I wanna buy something for her, she will say "姐姐, 一样", which means, she's asking me to get one for jiejie also. 

Becos of her non selfish & smiley character, she's definitely getting more love & attentions now. 

Raeann also loves her Meimei lah, but sometimes, she's selfish, refused to share. But I'll always remind her, how much her Meimei loves her & think of her all the time. So now, she's much much better than before. 

Photo above was taken after our dinner just now. I promised her to get her ice cream if she finished all her food, got her yogurt instead cos she requested for it. She volunteered to share & feed her Meimei. Felt really 欣慰 looking at such scenarios! I guess this is what all parents love to see - love & harmony between siblings. Hope they will stay this way, for as long as they live! ^.^

(ZY just asked me if I saw the video of the dog filled with worm? NO. I hate to see such horrifying videos/photos (like accidents & etc) and I'll never ever click on them too! I seldom click (& watch) videos on FB anyway, unless I know for such is some comedy & I'm super free at that point of time! I usually scroll/glance through my newsfeed nia!) 

Dinner with thy family at Anchor Point just now, been years since I last stepped there, it's definitely more interesting now! 

Saw that they have an indoor playground there, shall bring the kiddos there next time! 

Need to retire early from tonight onwards cos my dearest 瑄瑄 gonna starts her first day of school (playgroup) tomorrow!!!

Everyone's so excited for her, I don't know why, cos they said they will be there to "see" her. Haha! Even her bo-chup father wanna sacrifice his beauty sleep tomorrow morning hor! 

"Really? I'm so popular???"

Ever since the day she came into my life, I started to appreciate motherhood more & more! (Thus, the less complaints now!) 

In the past, I felt that Raeann is my duty & responsibility. But now, they are my joy & happiness. Mindset changed, hence caused a huge change in me as well! 


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