Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fuck the haze!!!

These few days, the PSI level have been fluctuating like crazy, going up as high as 371 this afternoon??? (I need not monitor, i just have to login to FB and there will be a string of similar updates on my newsfeed!)

I don't know how accurate the index is, but while driving to LTA just now, i thought i was in Genting Highland, except for the heat. Reached LTA, placed a parking coupon, got down the car but hopped back into the car immediately. The haze is making my head spin and causing difficulty in my breathing.

(Raeann's also complaining headache these few days!)

So, people who think that Singaporeans are too whiny, do you think we will whine if it doesn't affect us or our loved ones?

What can we do except whining when our Government is not doing anything? No, i'm not blaming our Government becos the haze is not caused by them. But i guess the least they can do to protect our safety and health is, maybe declare a P.H/Stop Work Order if PSI level goes above 300?

How to travel/work in such hazy condition? 

To those who said that declaring a P.H/Stop Work Order is useless and etc, you must be those sitting comfortably inside the office? Yes? HOW ABOUT THOSE STILL WORKING OUTDOOR? The haze doesn't affect you much doesn't mean that it don't affect others much too! (Get out of your turtle shell and take a look outside. I know becos i've been on the road lately! Already felt so uncomfy when i'm inside the car, let alone those braving the haze???)

Stop being selfish, spare a thought for others too. Do understand that not everyone has the luxury to stay inside the office to enjoy the aircon. 

Of cos, we will continue praying and hoping that the haze will go down/away everyday. But still, it's out of our control, the PSI level is rising almost every day/hour. Be realistic, praying and hoping doesn't help us to conquer the haze, at all. We need to protect our own health & safety!!! 

STAY INDOOR and drink more water everyone! 

P/S : NOT all kind of jobs/industries can be able to work from home or suka suka stop work unless Government give instructions! They have datelines and requirements to meet! Why can't some people understand this!!! 

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