Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hospital so boring!

P/S : Oh my dearest iP5, can u kindly last till at least 3pm?! Spoiled my portable charger yesterday! :(

My dad's in operation right now, and I'm alone in this cafe, waiting for him. 

like being alone lah, having some ME-time, but I really really hate to waste my time lidat!!! 

I dislike being too free yet stranded at one place and there's nothing much I can do. 

I always have the chance to "shop" around the whole SGH every single time we come here cos the waiting time is so damn fucking long lah. (I'll end up buying all sorts of food!!)

And tomorrow, he needs to come back again for post-op assessment, at freaking 8:30am. 

Oh ya, there's a pair of father & son (I think) at the pre-op counter just now, they are ... hmm... sot sot?  

Not that I wanna be mean but they're indeed weird leh. The father still okay but the son simply treats everyone like animals! He was there "hello pussy! hello, good boy, sit!" etc. Or did he really saw invisible animals??? 

And, they have a super strong strange odour on them which can be detected from miles apart. I was sitting there, they came later, sat about 3-4 seats apart from me and I almost vomit. I kid you not! 

Okay *slap my own mouth* 不要讲别人!!!

I'm really super bored now. 


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