Sunday, June 30, 2013

In my own sweet little world!

Harlow, I just came back from the airport, went to welcome back my bro & sil! But before that, the husband brought me to 126 for a light supper!

Okay, I've to confess, I was already super very super full before going to 126, burping away non stop liao. But I made ZY bring me there becos he promised to bring me there on Friday night but end up, he went to sleep! -.- No idea why I suddenly craved for it on Friday morning!  (It's Sunday already oh!) 

*eat die me*

Just the two of us... Par tor or what! Hahaha

Ok lah, I know he loves me lah, otherwise he will not bother about my request! We were so lucky to get a parking space right in front of the shop! Hee 

Waited 30 mins for the food to be served, they already informed us before hand. Luckily we were not hungry, at all.

Hahah, dehydrated 小笼包!!! 

Food standard seemed to have dropped, not as good as before. And it's expensive. (Dim sum is expensive everywhere though!) However, their business is still very good leh. They even opened a new branch at Serangoon area!

Maybe becos I'm not hungry? That's why I don't find it delicious?

Hahaha, a friend asked me why am I always so blur, everything don't know and don't care? My reply? 

"Not that I'm blur but I just stay in my own world too much. I don't bother about others. It's better lidat! Caring & knowing too much might not be a good thing lor!" 

I guess, all the problems that I've encountered over the past few years, made me lidat! 

But I don't think it's something bad leh, becos I'm much more happier & positive NOW!! 

不听 & 不管 = 不知道 = 不会被影响

Don't ya agree? 

Time to join my two little sleeping beauties for bed now! 

Nights world! ^.^ 

My life is beautiful, all because of them.

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