Monday, June 17, 2013

Love this photo!

How hard and rare it is for all of them to coordinate so well? Thumbs up to the photographer; my sil, Zing! I super heart this photo, gonna develop it!  

Aiyoyo this Meimei ah, she can vomit on the bed & sleep as though nothing happened??? I didn't even know she vomited, becos there wasn't any signal at all!! 

Just found out, cleaned up, washed & changed her. And guess what she tell me?? 

"Bear bear 吐, not Meimei!" 

(She 'chupped ji kar' when me & ZY were talking about the haze.)

Oh, so the haze made her Care Bears unwell too, that's why her Bear Bear 吐 huh?? 

LOL! So young only so crappy already, lies in the gene, I think! HAHAHAHA 

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