Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday NO blue!!!

Becos of this!! Yippie!!! 

I won it from Instant Lucky Dip at Tampopo Liang Court!!! The lady said i'm very very lucky becos there is only 1 or 2 out of the whole lot!!! Ho ho ho, didn't i say i'll be very lucky this year? LOL! Just kidding, cos i didn't strike 4D, yet.

Need to order any of these to be eligible for the Instant Lucky Dip but today's the last day liao. How lucky i am!!! Heehee! Gonna use it on my birthday!!! ^.^

Edited : 7pm

Just now, I bought the girls two set of toys. Girl's toys which consist of fake mirror, lipstick, earrings, hair dryer & etc.

Raeann was very shock cos she knows I dislike buying toys. Other than toys, all their other stuffs are bought by me; shoes, clothes, books, stationeries & etc. Reason I buy is cos it's ONLY $2 per set. You see, they are destroyers, no point buying expensive ones. 

Then you know what happened????

They took out the toys, played for less than 5 mins, kept everything, complained very boring and then went to play balls/soccer. -.- 

Please tell me they are girls. 

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