Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silk 3D Eyebrow Embroidery

Date : 4th June 2013
Venue : The Beauty Boutique

Yesterday, I went to re-do my eyebrow embroidery (after 4-5 years), like finally. It's the third time I'm getting my eyebrows embroid-ed, so it's nothing new or scary for me. Wanna get it done before Meimei starts her playgroup in July so that i can save time preparing as i need to rush & rush, again.

And yes, I love the result, i love my new eyebrows! But...

Here's the story... 

Disclaimer : I paid for it, so I'm gonna give my most honest review. Yay or nay, judge it yourself!!! (All the photos in this post are original, non-filtered/edited; my new eyebrows under different lightings.)

About 2 months ago, I saw a coupon deal for eyebrow embroidery + eye treatments at $38, which I thought is a real good deal. Furthermore, it's located at Clementi, quite near to my office and thus, I bought two at once, one for myself, another one for my mum.

I'm quite worried about getting such deals online actually becos I won't know how will i get hard sold again... (Rem the Wax in the ccb incident?) 

But I thought, "eyebrow embroidery is a one time thingy what, what package can they sell me? I can't be doing my eyebrows every month right?" 

The only thing I'm worried about is the skill, "will I look like crayon shinchan after doing?".

I was wrong, very wrong. 

I left the shop $1,680 (+ $38 coupon) poorer.

The shop outlook is big (2 storey), clean, pretty & classy, far far better than what I've expected. (Becos it's those HDB shophouses, I thought it will be a small and not-so-pretty shop!) 

The lady first explained to me about all the eyebrow embroideries they have and of cos, bragged about how skillful her boss is (as the boss is the one doing for me). So I was being physco-ed to do their 3D instead, which is priced between $880-$1,600 (Wth, I don't believe it's so expensive!!). She said $880 will be done by their trainee whereas $1,600 will be done by the boss. However, they will give me a discount, which is, $880 but done by the boss. I swear I rejected more than 20 times. 

Next, she mentioned about the free eye treatments, which I totally forgot that it's included in the package. Then, I was brought upstairs to do a free skin analysis. So you know lah, she said my skin is good but very dry inside, blah blah blah. Then she asked if I wanna try their facial & detox massage which she will give me a special price at $48, becos again, I rejected more than 10 times. 

Well, I'VE NEVER DONE FACIAL BEFORE FOR THE PAST 28 YEARS so I really didn't wish to do it. I'm scare of outbreaks and whatever worst I can imagine. (Even when I was being sponsored to do facials, I rejected it!) 

(The one I did at Korea is just normal massage & mask only!) 

As usual, I was told that their products are specially made for sensitive skin. And she continued po-lo-so-ing me. Wah lau eh, I cannot stand being physco so I agreed lah, becos I thought, "aiya, only $48, anything lah" just to make her stop physco-ing. 

***And the facial & detox massage begins... 

I was really very shock when I saw the results. My pores shrink-ed and face got firmer!! What the hell?!

(During the process, we chatted & I told her that I rejected a few facial sponsors becos I was scare and I've given my "virgin" facial experience to them!!) 

Upon hearing that I own a blog, she came up with a new package. Which is, asking me to sign up for their FULL facial package x 10 sessions and the boss will do the 3D eyebrow embroidery for me FREE. 

Once again, I gave my full force rejection. 

(The boss came in during my mask process and when I removed the mask, I was shocked again. Wah lau eh, she's damn chio lor & look damn young, can't believe she's already 40+!! She showed me her picture two years ago and I asked if she went for any face change, lolol. Somehow similar yet entirely different. I don't know how to describe.) 

At that point of time, i still insisted on the $38 coupon crayon shinchan eyebrows. 

The phyco-ing starts again... Asked me to do 3D lah, give me special price at $680 lah, blah blah blah. I still gave a firm NO. 

But eventually, we agreed on $380 to do Silk 3D eyebrows embroidery, which she said, I'm the first few to do in SG. (However, I don't see any difference between this & the 3D one?) 

While doing, they physco-ed again... 

Asked me to sign the full facial package and they will throw in the eyebrow embroidery + a few other services free which I'm not supposed to mention becos she gave it to me as "rewards" to blog for her salon. 

Well, what they offered me are indeed very attractive but what worry me is, "will they close down before I complete my package?". You know lah, once bitten, twice shy. 

They told me they have been in business for almost 3 years & they are under CaseTrust, blah blah blah. (Okay, I went to research about the salon when I got back home and was kinda relieve that there wasn't a single bad review about them!) 

Ok, I signed. And got heart broken!!! :(

Cos i've never spent sucha huge amount on my face before!!! I was in my sad mode when Cheryl whatsapp-ed me last night, i told her about it. She said it's considered quite worth becos she paid more than the amount just for her eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery. Felt more consoled after hearing what she said. (Alright, even my stingy sis said it's worth it, lolol!)

P/S : I signed up for a 24 months interest free instalment so it's about $70/month. Not so heart pain afterall. HAHA!

So, what do you think about my new eyebrows? Tell me about it.

Omg, how did i live with such horrendous eyebrows in the past??? LOL


I've stopped using foundation/powder for a long time already and I'm feeling quite comfy about it. Will blog about it when I'm free!! ^.^ 

P/S : If you're interested in doing your eyebrows too and think that this package is worth it, you can TRY YOUR LUCK by visiting this salon and tell them that you read my blog. MAYBE they will throw in some good offers for you too! :)


  1. nice eyebrows... but too hard sell...which I don't like.

    1. I fully agree on the too hard sell part. If you're not super duper firm type, sure get sold one. LOL

  2. intro-ed to my cousin's gf... lol

  3. I did sth like this 3 years ago. Is very painful. I really regret doing it. After doing it a lot of ppl told me that I shouldn't done it bcoz I have very thick and dark eyebrow. My sis keep encouraging me to do it. I am not sure if I can remove it in any ways. I have to cut fringe in order to cover up since it is fading away. It looks like I have two eyebrows.

    1. Huh? Why did you do when u already have thick and dark eyebrow??? I did becos my natural brows were very fine and light so i've no choice lah. I think it can be laser away, you may want to consult a doctor about it. :)

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  5. OMG! I totally agree. they keep saying persuading endlessly.. Even though it was good, i'm still a student and their packages is damn ex.. like.. 10 sessions of enzymes facial cost me 1880.. then off to the 640 trial product and of course recently the oxy x2 treatment that cost me like another 188. They keep offering one after another. and now today when I went, they mention my session is only left with one when in actual fact, i'm suppose to have 3more. does that normally happen? advice please..

    1. In fact, I didn't take note of my session used. But u got sign after every session??? Sometimes they say, "I will charge u 2 session for this treatment", make people blur also! I don't intend to "renew" anything with them anymore, too pushy liao, make me broke only.

  6. Yes.. and they speak chinese (i'm a Malay btw) and it was so difficult to communicate with them. I keep track of it just in case but today they make me sign for 2 slots say that I got 1 more.. I was so lost that I only manage to think through when I get home. when I paid for the oxy today, they say, i got two extra session so in total I should have 3 right? but she was like, you only have 2 session after this.. I was so lost.. T.T i assume you just started your session?

    1. Awww, thank you for reading. Sorry I had too many Chinese input in my post.

      Yeap, I signed the package in the beginning of June. Till date, I've only been there 3 times. The first time I went, they asked me to sign another package, I was like huh!!! I just started and U wan me to pay again?! But I firmed rejected. Now I can't wait to finish it up!

      Their products are not bad, but too pushy!

    2. Haha. it's ok! I do understand a little bit of Chinese. *wink*

      Exactly! Especially since you paid for a 24 month installment, the more they will expect you to go for more packages. I told them I am a student but they still push me to continue for another 10 for the same price. -.- How did I escalate from a voucher on group on to a full expensive package, I don't even know..

      I agree on their product but it is too expensive for me. Even my friends agreed, I guess I will be trying another clinic next time. :) Thank you for sharing your experience though. It felt comforting to know that we have the same sentiments despite the good results. ^^

    3. Ya, I also think that their packages are too expensive for me as I don't really bear to spend such huge amount on my face. Come to think of it, I think I've only been there twice, not even 3 times. Wonder when then can finish using the package... Hahahah

  7. Hi Joanne, do you remember who did your eyebrow embroidery? I read your review and was kind of prepared when I visited but I still succumbed to their hard- sell tactics...

    1. I think is the boss - Weiqi? So u also signed???

  8. yes, i signed up, package is similar to yours with 10 times facial, and also free touch up for the next 3 years blah blah blah. Problem is I am not satisfied with my brows, not very balance. I am suppose to go back to do the touch up next week (1 month), I am wondering if I can ask Weiqi to do for me instead, since I like the way she do for you.... Paiseh or not huh? Dunno if my current beautician okay or not.
    Btw, did you have much peeling when you first did it? Mine not much at all and some parts the ink absorb better some don't...Did you achieve the look (eyebrows) above after the 1st touch up? I find mine the strokes like not so natural...maybe I scrutinise too much...but definitely not balance la. Thanks for you time.

    1. Yours done by who?? My brows also not very balance, but I think it's normal. The photo was taken right after I've just done my brows, on the same day. My touch up was done by Baoqi, which I think is more balanced, and nice.

      I guess it's customer's right to request who they want (and etc), not paiseh lah, unless your current beautician is your friend!

  9. mine was done by Baoqi or Baoqin? Probably the same person. I hope it will look nicer after the touch up. Thanks for your prompt response all time ...appreciate it.
    Btw, I enjoy reading your blog, probably because my gal was the same age as Reann...going to P1 next year...I am staying in Jurong East. And like you, I love gal too, if I do have a second one, I also want gal...haha

    1. No worries, it's my pleasure. I think it's Baoqi, whom is Weiqi's sister. They do look alike.

      Heh, I love girls cos I love to doll them up, but too bad, Raeann doesn't like to doll up at all.

  10. I am not satisfied with my eyebrows too, not balance in term of length and colour, they are indeed very pushy and keep selling their package everytime when you visit them. They will give you free gifts and offer to attract you. Although the results are good but you have to spend a bomb there. Their package is really very expensive. My advice is don't visit this salon, they will make you broke :(

    1. i just did last week with them, super pushy, not balanced. is it a must to touch up? i feel like calling my bank to get my money refund. seriously after some scabs falls, I'm not sure what this 3D is different from the normal embroidery.

    2. I think you need to do the touch up in order to achieve a long term result. I also dunno what's the difference leh.

  11. After reading your comments, I'm hesitant to take up their salon's groupon offer for full body massage. I may end up a few thousand dollars poorer!!

  12. Anybody have exprience their facial package? The $640 product is for the small size 20ml or large 120ml products?

  13. Gladies Hee lovestoeatOctober 24, 2014 at 12:56 PM

    I did my 3D eyebrow with Apple Sun, a china lady with 25 yrs experience.
    It's exellent ! She didnt hard sell me and i got my eyebrow done about $400 ?
    with the healing cream.. Impressed by her skill.
    Anyway may i know how's their facial skills ??

  14. I got a package on StreetDeal for 2.5hours of Spa Indulgence as it says. It should include Facial, Eye and Neck Treatment, Body massage and Hot Stone Tummy Trim. When I arrived the lady was very nice indeed but when I asked for details of the treatment, I was surprised to hear that the body massage included was only for 10minutes. As I was not very keen on the Hot Stone Tummy Trime, I kindly asked if we could skip that part and extend the body massage part, but after consulting with the rude manager who hardly wanted to listen to my request, it was denied.
    I then asked for the Hot Stone part to be forgotten altogether and just eliminate the 20minutes scheduled for it which was agreed. However, to my surprise, the treatment was finished after exactly 1h and 20min and not the 2h 10min I would expect after eliminating the 20m Hot Stone part and when I inquired about it to the manager when leaving, she was very abrupt and quiet rude.
    I know I got a very cheap deal through the coupon, but I would have expected excellent service in order for them to get a loyal customer. Now I want to warn all of my friends, please be careful and ask for full details before making an appointment. I was lucky not to have paid full price and for next time I will go somewhere else where I get better flexibility and a warm, kind and relaxing service.

  15. Thank you for your post about 2.5hours of spa indulgence, I am going with my friend this Friday 15 May, will take note of what you say. Thanks again.


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