Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So addicted!!!

Till i hope i can dream of him...


YES, HIM. Too charming to resist!!! I'm obsessed!

Omg, my taste didn't change after so long, i'm still attracted to "boyish bad boy looks", lolol.

Repeated this song more than 80x yesterday and still repeating it now, hahahah! 
Conversation between me and a gf:-

Me: 哎哟, 男人泪, so charming one. I heart broken.
J: Why? Man cry very charming huh?
Me: Not all hor!!! Must be handsome, cry then people will think he's charming. If not handsome + cry baby = go bang the wall please!
J: Yes yes yes!

I'm always very doubtful when people said "looks doesn't matter".

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