Saturday, June 22, 2013

So loved!

Woke up feeling hungry, asked ZY if he can get us breakfast before he go to work? He gave me $21, asked me to call for delivery instead.

So I login to FB, wanted to check out Mc'donald page but saw that the current PSI level is 323. I assumed that there will be no delivery.

Whatsapp-ed ZY (I swear I'm not expecting anything), told him "got haze, no delivery". 

He called back (he's already on the expressway liao), asked me what I wanna eat, u-turned and got it for me!!! 

Heeheeheehee, suddenly treat me so nice, don't know got what motive again!! Or cos it's my "big day" tomorrow, so I got the queen treatment for the day? HAHAHAHA 


HK sticker dispenser from Happy Meal. I think I've mentioned it before, I no like HK, so I'll never understand the HK craze that's going on right now. But, isn't this more worth it than those plush toy? It's FOC somemore!!! 

P/S : Received so much loves these few days, I can't even. I know I'm blessed! ^.^ 

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