Sunday, June 9, 2013

Uncle Sim's Daugher's Wedding

Uncle Sim has been working in the company since donkey years ago, he watched us grow, that's all i can say.

Grumpy cos of the terrible weather! I keep having migraine lately lor!

It was VERY VERY crowded, omg. 

I love Malay desserts/kueys and i only ate some of these! I don't eat nasi briyani, mutton nor beef. 

Feel like selling away this dress cos it's too loose on me!!! 

 Ah toot hair!

Hahaha, result of having a non-professional hairstylist as mum, lolol. She keep moving lah, then i keep trimming cos it's unbalance. It's still unbalance but i don't dare to trim further cos it's damn short liao!

@ Lot 1 after visiting in laws. 

LOL, my mum just asked me how am i going to celebrate my birthday. I was like, "huh? not celebrating lah, so old liao, celebrate for what?".

An old friend msg-ed me last Friday, wanted to bring me out for lunch today as he's flying off tomorrow. But i postponed it till 25th, after he's back cos i need to pass something to my accounts firm later. I don't like to rush lah!

I don't really see my birthday importantly but i appreciate people who remember when i didn't even mention anything. 

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