Sunday, June 16, 2013

Very Busy Weekend

And we attended Ler Yee's 1st Birthday party earlier... 

May this little princess here grow up well, happy & healthy! ^.^ I wanted to give angbao but ZY & Raeann went to buy a toy car for her, I didn't have the chance to see how it looks like though. Hope she will likes it anyway! 

This week is sho busy man. Tomorrow is my MIL's birthday + Zhanjun's son baby shower and its also Father's Day. I don't know how are we gonna split into 3 parts to attend 3 different places!!! All around same timing somemore! Omg!

And hor, my face suddenly pop out one very huge pimple, I squeeze & squeeze but can't squeeze out anything, damn irritating!!! Feel like taking needle to poke it!! Urghhhhh!! So emo now! 

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