Friday, June 28, 2013

Why i so kiasu huh?

LOL! Now is still June right? LOL!

Guess what? I've already prepared all the Teacher's Day gifts liao! =X

Actually, i placed orders for it about 3 weeks ago (received it 10 mins ago), sibei kiasu lor! Seller's so nice to deliver it personally. Well, the delivery took slightly longer due to haze. But i wasn't in a hurry at all, so i kept telling her, "it's okay, no hurry". As long as i can receive it before Teacher's Day, i'm okay, lol.

Becos it's her last year in this school, i customized this for her two main teachers. 

My mum said it's very pretty and asked why only two?? I told her if i were to do it for ALL the teachers in her school, i'll be broke! Customized stuffs are NEVER cheap, but i like becos it's something "uniquely you". I'm always very willing to spend on customized stuffs, anytime. 

To each of his own, is what i ALWAYS think. If you are one who do becos your friends are doing, buy becos your friends are buying, say becos your friends are saying, so what's the real you then? Be yourself lah, everyone's unique. 

Of cos, i've prepared other stuffs for the rest of her teachers too. If ZY knows, he will say i'm too rich again. Aiya, last year already, 随便啦!!!

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