Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Current Favorite Eyeliner

So it's limited edition in Korea, no wonder i cannot find it anywhere else, not even in HK!!! But i think Japan should have since this brand is from Japan! I know this brand can be found in SG too, but not this color; dark brown!!! I bought only one during my Korea trip cos I thought it's also available in SG. But I was wrong!! Weiling kept one for herself since I kept raving about it! 

I've never once claimed that i'm a nice friend/person. I'm anti-social towards people I don't know well. I don't take any initiative to contact my friends. I ignored people I dislike and give silent treatments to people over things I don't feel like explaining/talking (Cos I'm not so free! Anything wrong with that?). But three things for sure, I don't take people's kindness for granted and I don't take advantage of nor harm anyone. So thankful that she's willing to help me even when we don't contact at all after leaving sec school. 

Treated her to lunch around her workplace at NUS. So huge and messy inside sia, thank god for GPS, lolol. 

Becos both our souls are still in Seoul, we have plenty of things to chat about!!! Hope i can squeeze out a week or so next year to explore Seoul with her! 

2 set lunches to share!

Looks very plain but all the food damn delicious! And i got shocked by the bill! $15.80 ONLY, why so cheap??? Anyway, hope she enjoyed the lunch as much as I did! =D Catch up again soon!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My curiosity satisfied!

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What's inside July BlackBox?

Take5ive Energy Drink, L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, Charcoal Roasted Ipoh White Coffee (Classic, Brown Sugar & Hazelnut), Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Purer Skin Miracle Serum, Plax Fruity Fresh etc etc etc. 

If you didn't know yet, BlackBox is FREE, all you need to do is to subscribe to it & check your emails (do online surveys), THAT'S ALL! Simple? ^.^

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Did i just saw ANTI-AGEING? Omg omg omg, I NEED THIS!

#nofilter #noedit #sorryifiscaredyou

VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask is the THICKEST mask I've ever seen before. As you can see from my 2nd photo, it has 3 layers of "ho liao" in one mask. Silly me thought it's a pack of 3 sheets and I actually went to separate it. Then I wondered why the 2nd sheet look so different (jelly jelly one) so I went to read the instruction again, then I stick it back! =X

While doing, I was whatsapp-ing with my friends and I told my gf about this mask. Surprisingly hor, the mask didn't drop/fall out despite it's thickness (weight). 

And hor, this mask won't ever dry up, I think. I put for about 45 minutes, the mask was still very moistured. I rubbed the balance moisture on my neck and arms! 

I don't know whether it's 心理作用 or it's really 一分钱一分货, my face looks brighten up right after the mask!!? However, I can't really bear to buy it cos it's not cheap, was telling my friend that the masks I'm using cost less than $1 from Korea! =X

(Most masks are made of paper, which cannot ever be compared with VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask lah! Although it's expensive, but it's the most special mask I've ever used before.)

But I wouldn't mind buying it for my mum, heehee! 

Checked out the price at their e-shop, $98 for a box of 6 masks but they're having this promotion for registered customer now...

Sign up now to enjoy this offer! I bought already! Ho ho! 

Estetica products are available on and all Estetica outlets!


Do you know...

Yes, not kidding you, Purer Skin Miracle Serum contains 100% Pure Bird's Nest!

Look at how concentrated it is! I can literally smell Bird Nest lor!

Purer Skin is available online at and will also be available in the selected 10 Watsons store starting 12 August 2013: Ngee Ann City / JEM / Parkway parade / Bugis Junction / Jurong Point / Compass point / Marina Square / Toa Payoh / Raffles City Shopping centre / ION 

Purer Skin would like to extend a 15% discount to my readers, simply quote “ILOVEPS” during checkout.


100ml - S$23.90 

L’Oréal Paris would like to introduce to you the latest in hair treatment innovation: The Extraordinary Oil. Backed by years of research and L’Oréal’s supreme expertise in hair, The Extraordinary Oil gives miraculously perfect hair that is Richly Nourished and Intensely Protected from damage while providing a Glowing Shine, a Sumptuous Smoothness, and an Ultra-Lightweight, Non-greasy Finish.

No bluff wor, it really gives a non-greasy finish. I mean, my hand don't even feel oily after applying!!!

Retails in supermarkets, pharmacies, and departmental stores island-wide starting April 2013.


So, after all the "ho-liaos" on my face and hair last night & this morning, this is how I look...

Sun too glaring liao! 

Miss my face or not? LOL! I haven got time to camwhore lately, too busy! I anyhow snapped the above photo inside the car this morning while rushing/sending the kids to school. (You know, traffic light? LOL! BUSY PEOPLE GOT TIME TO CAMWHORE MEH???) Ahhhh, I need to fix my horrendous hair roots, I need more time & energy please!!!

#nofilter, #noedit, love my skin? My makeup is really mild these days, and I'm honestly lovin' it! Mascara > falsies for more natural look. I still use falsies lah, maybe like once a month? lol! I don't think I look ugly without it anyway. 

Oh yay, my sec sch friend is back from Korea with my current favorite liquid eyeliner!!! No idea why it's only available in Korea/Japan leh? Luckily ah, I've friends going to Korea (one by one) recently and so thankful that they're so willing to help me!!! Thank you Weiling, see ya tomorrow!

Nowadays, I only accept sponsorship for stuffs I find it interesting or products I need. Cos hor, I find it very din-deh to have so many similar products of different brands when I only have one face and one head. How much can I apply? When can I finish using them? So wasted to just dump it aside after a few use leh! Give-away, anyone?

Finally, a proper post after so long! Show me some love yeah? =D


I didn't know that deleting people off from FB can be so tedious one. Why do some people like to delete, add, delete, add huh? I think i deleted about 50 people and i'm exhausted liao, hahah!

If you're one of those i deleted, please don't misunderstand hor! I DON'T DISLIKE NOR HATE YOU, but just becos we don't even talk (anymore), so yeah, hope you understand!

And to those i accidentally deleted, kindly add me back k? Cos ah, i delete until blur liao, then anyhow click, click until i also don't know what am i clicking.

Okay, that's all for now, going to leave office liao! Bye!

***SHIT, i just realise that i deleted alot of people wrongly. Aiyoyo!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Heard far too many unexpected sudden death lately.

Is it just me or it's happening to everyone else too? 

The Aunty whom used to sell fruit juice at my office canteen passed away suddenly yesterday! She looked so healthy the last time I saw her. She stopped selling juice cos she wanna look after her grand children. 

She complained of feeling bloated few days ago and was admitted to hospital yesterday while waiting to do a check today. But before she could do the check, she passed on. Too sudden, too shocked for words. 

A month before this, was my (ex) neighbour. One who don't smoke, don't drink & takes bird nest every night, also suddenly chest pain, go hospital check nothing, asked to go home. At home still pain, called for ambulance, then died in the ambulance. 

There are far too many ways one can die from now. Even driving on the road also can get crushed by fallen trees.

Why, oh why? 

Are these signs telling us that, we should live to the fullest, eat whatever we want & do whatever we like for ourselves? 

So what if we study very hard, have a good career & earn tons of money but don't have the life to enjoy it? 

So what if we have ambitions and goals but don't have the life to achieve them? 


You know, I'm one who is very very afraid of "goodbyes", I dread having to bid "goodbye" to someone I love & care.

Last time, I'd always have those sad thoughts, the fear of my loved ones leaving me... I'll be very sad and emo whenever I think of it. 

I'd always hope that I can leave earlier than them, so I need not face all these. But this is far too selfish, and stupid. 

(In order to be happy, sad thoughts must be casted aside. Am glad that I've been doing it well for the past two years!) 

Dying is easy. What's not easy are those people around, having to cope with the sadness of your death.

I really fear for that day, I hope it won't come forever. 

Cherish people around you before it's too late! Your parents especially! I'm thankful that I can spend most of my time with my kids & parents. 

Though sometimes, I do hope that I can have more time for myself & friends lah. I've no time for my friends till more often than not, I'm always forgotten. 

But surprisingly, I'm not sad at all! To me, family is more important than anyone or anything else now. I wouldn't want to live with regrets in future. 

Well, it's true that friends are important as well. Friends brighten up your gloomy days, keep you company when you're down & etc. But not all friends will help you out when you're in troubles. The world is getting too realistic now. If you have true good friends, cherish them too. 

Quality > quantity. One need not have alot of friends, but that few (or even only one) who will stay with you no matter what happened, it's enough! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Ask Raeann to make the bed (almost) every Saturday. That's the only day we need not rush out of the house & ZY won't sleep till late noon. She knew how to pack cos she always see me packing. But blankets are still too big for her to handle, so that's the best she can do liao - 3 rolls of popiah blankets. 

That's consider very good liao cos her father don't even know how to make the bed!!! I remember asking him to do before and his reply was, "don't need lah, tonight come back sleep will be messy again."


That prolly applies for people staying alone with only one pillow, one bolster & one blanket.  My bed has like 6 pillows, 3 bolsters, 3 blankets & many bears. Don't pack? I cannot stand the sight of it! 

好就好到要死, 不然就一直打架!!! 真受不了! 

Side track: 昨天是观音诞, 我祈求我的两个宝贝不要一直打架, 希望她们永远健康, 平安和开心.

Ever since Raeann became 观音's god child when she was 4 months old (followed by Raechelle), we will be here during 观音诞, 3 times a year, without fail. 

Amused that they can be so happy over such simple thing - Jiejie carrying Meimei in different ways! And they were like playing this for 1 hour, while watching TV together! 

Raeann even ask me to go and rest/sleep (cos I'm having migraine now), she will help me to look after Meimei. But of cos, I never lah, I'm scare they will turn the room upside down & I'll have to pack their mess. That'll make my migraine worse, I think. 

Took these photo for my friends this morning, as we were talking about Meimei, I think? Forgot liao cos we have too many many many things to talk about. Haha! 

J passed me a very big bag of brand new Nike apparel (mostly jackets), meant for my two girls, but I can fit into most of them, lolol. J's working in Nike & I went to meet her for lunch last Thursday, meant to pass some lashes & glue to her also! 

A bowl of wild mushroom soup is what she has for lunch, everyday. OMFG! No wonder she so tiny lah! Olive oil instead of butter to 'bua' the bread, effing healthy sia! 

Don't think I'm a healthy food person, becos I'll end up craving for moreeeeee unhealthy food!

Raeann took a video to thank her! Be appreciative & thankful, that's what I always tell her! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Live blogging @ Clementi now, "eating table" with my family! 

Had it not becos of my dad's birthday, I wouldn't want to come!!! Cos I've to wake up very early tomorrow & my two kids are early sleepers. Patted Meimei to sleep and passed her to my mum already. Raeann is grumbling now, keep asking to go home!! 

(Meimei ah, before she sleeps every night, she only want to look for me nia!) 

Oh, almost forgotten, the purpose of this post is to say, I LOVE MY CAR PLATE NUMBER!!!

Hahahahaha, very random & bo liao, I know. 

Was asking my mum about the scraping of car this afternoon. I think I'll cry when i scrape this car cos after all, this car follows me for 10 freaking years leh! And I paid everything myself under my own name! Deposit, monthly instalments, maintainances, all on my own.

Small & not very expensive nor cool but I'm contented. Using it as a transport, not show-off so it need not be chio. (I never do any modifications at all! Not even body kit!) 

Well, I guess, all humans are realistic. When you have to pay every single cent out of your own pocket, then you will feel the pinch. How worried I'll be whenever my car is "sick", cos I've to pay for the repairs. 

No, I'm not complaining becos I'm thankful enough to be able to own a car and be a little more independent than some.

(To make me realise the importance of money!) 

If I ever have the chance and $ to buy a new car after this (1 year plus more), I'll retain my car plate! 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Two months ago, I butt itchy, went to do a certain check on my body.

Result received wasn't very positive, but neither very negative lah. Shall not go into details! 

So just now, we were talking about it & I asked ZY... 

Me: 如果我死了怎么办? 
ZY: 这样咯, ma na wu bian. 
Me: 如果我死先, 你要好好照顾那两个 hor. 
ZY: Wah, 惨了, 我不可以 gao tim 他们啦! 不然我死啦, 你不要死. 

Hahahahahahaha! He rather die than to take care of the kids! 

So you know why 世上只有妈妈好 & Mother's Day is more important than Father's Day now? 

We were just joking around, nothing serious about it.

Why am i sucha genius?

Wahahahahhaha, no lah, i'm just kidding.

But i did something and i'm quite satisfied with the result!!! I think i ever mentioned before, that i've prepared something for ALL Raeann's teachers (including the cooking aunties) for Teacher's Day. Besides her two main teachers who will be receiving a customized pencil case each, the rest of the teachers will receive...

The pens are effing cheap, think 3 for $2? But it comes in really ugly & rotten packaging (look below)...

So i decided to re-pack it! I bought transparent plastics to wrap it, added on a ribbon (which i took some time to learn & practice) & a customized "Happy Teacher's Day" sticker (i did it last year). 

P/S : Raeann did help with the re-packing! She needs to do her part since it's for her teachers. 

Seriously quite satisfied with my ribbons leh, cos it was so ugly at first. Then i went to search for tutorials on YouTube, lolol. You see, when there's a will, there's a way! Only you can help yourself! 

Nothing expensive since it's a gift from a K2 student to teachers but thoughts and efforts are priceless, right? (Even though most of the work are done by her mother; me lah!) 

Raeann will be celebrating her 6th birthday in her school, on the same day they celebrate Teacher's Day. So, i've another "project" on hand now. In fact, is two "projects" cos Meimei will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in her school as well. 

Some overdue photos...

  13th July 2013 - Licking Mac garlic chili as though it's sweet!

Sometime last week!

They wore the cap/hat/whatever you call it and asked me take photo for them on last Saturday morning. 

I see these photos, i wanna laugh. She was crying for the sake of crying, i-forgot-what-happened. When she was crying, i asked her to "wait wait, let me take photos". She knew i was taking photos so she continued crying for me to take photos. Then, after i was done taking the photos, she stopped crying and leaned towards me TO SEE IF HER CRYING PHOTOS NICE OR NOT! Really bth her! 

She saw playground...

Today's! And she LOVES school now! Cheerio my happy baby! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

I lurve hawker food!!!

You know it's time to go on diet when...

Your favourite skirt TMD pittttt in public!!! Hahahahaha! Oh yes, the zip gave way! Luckily I react damn fast, immediately pull my shirt out to cover. And thank god, the shirt I'm wearing today is long enough to cover!!!

Live blogging @ J.W market now. My favorite fish soup stall is not opened today, no choice but to go for mum's favorite fish soup stall and it's extremely longgggggg queueeeee!!! 

Look! My mama's queuing! Skirt pittttt, got excuse don't need to queue! And if I'm alone, I confirm 100% chop won't queue. HATE QUEUING!!! (I'm not very particular on food actually. I will not insist to eat something and if I didn't get to eat it, I'll be in bad mood. Nah, not that kind of princess!)  

My opinion? Not as good as my favorite stall, even my mum agrees with me now!!!

My favorite fish soup stall located at Jurong West St. 52. 

Okay, I'm back in the office now. I "repaired" my skirt inside the car by unzipping it and then, zipped back. Tadah, 好了! Think I over-used this skirt, wear and tear, lolol. 

Bought this back to try and it's so yummyyyy! Coconut pudding @ $3.50 only! 

I grew up around this area, my old house is a 4 rooms flat nearby. Used to hang out ALOT at this market when I was young. I mean, that's the place I've to pass by like, everyday? LOL

As and when, I'll still go there for lunch/dinner when I've to pick/send Raeann to school, accompany my mum to the old house, send my aunt there to do marketing during occasions & etc. I'll still hang out there often, probably until Meimei finishes her Primary school in Rulang, I'm serious. 

I've NO intention to shift over to my new place at all! My bro said it's completing soon, omg. Sigh, I'm too used & familiar with Jurong liao lah! Proud to be a Jurong villager, lolol! 

Hanor hanor, aunty is aunty lah. I won't pretend and act to be classy one. And I also won't flaunt my richness IF I'm rich, hahaha. 

(Aunty is better than those not very rich but act like one pampered princess right?) 

Don't talk to me about what Italian or whatever cuisine, I know nuts about it and I probably won't know how to appreciate or enjoy it either.  

Hawker food FTW, anytime!