Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2nd day of steadiness! Yay!

Sorry if you're getting bored of the updates about my kids. But I guess this is the only reason why I'm still blogging - just to update about my kids. 

Steady lah, Meimei! I guess she's getting used to it! But hor, teachers complained about her today, lolol! That's fast! 

Actually, I already expect to receive complains, but I didn't expect it will be so soon. Haha! 

I said she's one "chia po" liao. Tio bully? Cry no use, fight back first! 比姐姐还厉害! Cos jiejie more hum-bao lah! Even though she knows how to stand up for herself too! 

No, I don't encourage my girls to be so violent. But I DO encourage them to fight back when they got bullied. Don't just stand there & cry, screaming for help, it's useless! 

Before she sleep just now, I asked her about her school, pretty amazed that she can tell me so much about it...

Me: Meimei, you love school? 
Xuan: YES! 
Me: Did you hit anyone in school? 
Xuan: *nodded* ah jer (Nigel - her classmate) push. 老师骂! 
Me: 你有没有乖乖?
Xuan: *nodded* 老师 chop, hand! (Teacher will give them a chop on their hand if they behave!) 

Nothing much actually but I'm glad she shares it with me. 21+ months old, she knows how to complain who bully her liao! Lol

When Raeann was younger, I made it a habit to ask her about her school every night before she sleep. She will talk talk talk & share it with me. Now, it's already a habit for her to tell me about her school even when I didn't ask. She will be so excited when she has something to share with me. Hop into the car & start talking non-stop when I pick her up in the evening. 

I think it's good and I wish that she will still share it with me or her Meimei when she's 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & etc, likewise for Meimei. 

When they need a listener, I'll be their friend. When they need disciplines, I'll be their mum. When they want to go shopping, three of us can go together! Heeheehee 

I've already painted this beautiful scenario in my mind! Hope I'll live long enough to fulfil this dream! :) 

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