Saturday, July 13, 2013

A yummy date with Leann!

Note : NOT a short post! But I think it's worth reading? :) 

In the past when I had only one kid, I'd suka suka bring Raeann to take public transports becos I feel that she NEEDS to experience it. 

However, it's been a long long long time since I last brought her to take P.T becos it's not easy to do so with one kid & one super "di siao" toddler, alone. (No, ZY won't do such thing with us, he will scold us 无聊 instead!) 

In fact, I don't even like to step out of the house now. 

My aunt & uncle took Meimei for her first bus ride yesterday and they told me she was so excited & happy. Asked Meimei if she likes it? She said yes and keep saying she wanna take bus again.

Therefore, I decided to bring them for a short bus ride to JP today. Arranged an impromptu meet-up with Leann there as well! 

Kids are very fortunate nowadays, many of them are being ferry around in a car since born and thus, they will become so spoilt and lazy! 

Not judging or saying other's kids, I'm referring to mine! Raeann is one lazy bum sometimes. When I told her that we're going to take a bus to JP today, she asked me "how are we going to the bus stop? Walk ah?" I said "yes, of cos" and guess what she suggested? 

"Why not u drive to the bus stop and park your car there?" 

Haha, I can understand why she don't want to walk to the bus stop lah, cos it's not very near (quite far actually) and the sun was so scorching hot at 2+pm. The kids actually wanted to bring umbrella along (one each). 

P/S : Meimei loves taking umbrella, I don't know why. 

Then I told them, "umbrella is Aunty take one, we not Aunty mah". 

Cos my bag was so freaking heavy liao. Water bottle, diapers, wet tissue etc etc. With two additional umbrellas??? I cannot imagine. 

But they were so happy during the walk becos I held Raeann with one hand & carried/held Meimei with another. Raeann said, "我们的第一次 hor?" and smiled widely. 

All sweaty & reddish when we reached the bus stop. Not easy at all, but looking at their smiles & excitement, I know it's worth it! Definitely. 

We were too early so we went for a light bite & walked around to wait for Leann to have dinner. Early dinner! 

Brought them to Kiddy Palace. Meimei went crazy upon seeing Care Bears again. So I told her I'll get her a small one to hang on her bag. Raeann said she wants an exact same one too, I said okay. But I didn't know she took one cos I didn't saw her taking as she was saying that she wanted to look at guitar and she walked away.

Then Meimei saw balloon and said she wants it. I told her to put back the Care Bear first and I'll bring her to find balloon, so she putted it back. (Was testing if she really wants to buy the Care Bear or not!)

And we left Kiddy Palace. Went to FOX cos they were having sales! Meimei saw shoes and took off her own shoes immediately, wanted to try. (Haha, really a fan of shoes, just like me! Lolol!) 

Then Raeann asked if I can buy a top for her? I said okay, asked her to go & choose herself. When choosing, she realised the little Care Bear on her hand and she exclaimed "my goodness, this Care Bear!!!" in a frantic tone to me. 

I know she didn't do it deliberately cos she looked so frighten and worried. I told her "nvm, we will go and return it".

She jitao no mood to shop liao & kept rushing me to wear back shoes for Meimei so she can return the Care Bear asap.

I'm really happy, that my kid is honest & upright. She knew it's wrong to do that even though it's an unintentional mistake. She wanted to own up & rectify the problem as soon as she realised it. 没有白教她! Hope she will maintain this attitude forever! 

Leann wanted to buy her a toy & said it's a present for her birthday. I asked Raeann to stop her becos i told her that it's wrong to "hint" people to buy things for her. (She didn't directly hint. But when Leann asked which one she likes, she showed it to her.) 

Thankfully, they're quite obedient lah! I don't think that they ever kicked a big fuss before when I said NO to them? Not once I can remember though. 

I love my kids, of cos! But I don't mix LOVE with SPOIL. Everyone knows that I don't spoil my kids, at all. Which is what makes my life difficult! Spoiling kids is much easier than disciplining them!! 

Had our dinner at Ichiban & ice cream for dessert at MOF. When Leann mentioned ice cream, the kids' eyes brighten up immediately! LOL

Raeann took this pic! Artistic mah?

Grateful for Leann's help with my kids today! Luckily, both of them were willing to look for her as she can really entertain them well! They told ZY that they like her so much! Haha 

This is the reason for the impromptu meet-up today. I asked Leann to help me to buy during her Europe trip and she has been back for about 1-2 months? Lolol! She said she bth me, how come I can don't collect from her for so long? (I transferred her the $ long time ago! So this is not the reason for not collecting it!) 

Chanel!! Every woman's favourite, isn't it? By right, I should be very excited? 

But I told her it's not important mah & I'm not in a hurry. Lol! Think I should change my name to Ms Bo Chup? Haha! 

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