Monday, July 1, 2013


来, strike a pose first before school starts! 

Wanna chiong in becos she saw that table of toys!!!

But need to queue up to check and wash hands first! 

Wah, kan chiong kan chiong, can't wait ah!

Happily cutting watermelon & totally forgot about us? 

Everything went on so well and smooth until... ZY WENT TO PEEP AND THE TEACHER ASKED HER TO SAY BYEBYE TO HIM. (I knew it, that's why i stopped my uncle from saying byebye to her earlier.)

She immediately chiong-ed out to look for me. So i bo bian have to go in with her lor. But then, she started to stick to me like a leech, sat on my lap and refused to move at all. My aunt went in as well, but she refused to find her! 

I had to "bluff" her to go and take something from her teacher, then i sneaked out. My aunt was still staying inside with her. 

Both my girls are the same, they cannot see me bidding goodbye to them, they will stick to me like a leech becos they're worry i'll leave them! 

I peeped from the small window outside, she realised my disappearance after awhile and started to cry... cry... cry...

(She's not the only one, there were a few kids crying, turning the whole place upside down. Heard from my aunt that one boy was throwing tantrum, flipping all the chairs dom ba lek one by one, becos his mum went outside and left him in there. Nowadays, kids are really difficult to discipline, not easy to be a teacher anymore. That's why i'm really grateful to my kids' teachers, i respect them alot!)

Peeped again about 10 mins later, and saw her at one corner (with my aunt) herself, stopped crying liao. Then saw her walking to the door and tried to open it. My aunt said she told her she wanna go home and find Raeann - Jiejie. (The way she pronounces Jiejie's name is very nice!) 

I asked ZY to wait till she dismissed from school and sent them home cos my aunt has difficulty walking long distance, due to her injured spine. 

The moment she came out from the class, she went to search around for Jiejie and kept asking us where's her Jiejie!!! LOLOL, can't wait to go home liao! Aiyo, really hope that she can adapt to it fast so it will be easier for me & my aunt! 

Guan Yin Ma po pi ah~ 


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