Monday, July 15, 2013


Successfully registered my girl in Rulang Primary School today, even though there are some cock ups and we have to rush to office, police post then back to the school. Shall not go into details becos I'm very tired now, gonna KO anytime soon.

Despite taking q no. 32, we still gotta wait till Wednesday to know the result & see if there's a need for balloting. (Not on first come first serve basis!) 

Left over vacancies as of today is 133. If there are less than 133 registrants, Raeann's place is secured. If there are more, we will have to go through balloting. However, we still stand a high chance as from the past records, there was never a need for balloting for Phrase 2A2 in Rulang. (This is what the teachers told us today, I never go & check or keep a lookout, at all!) 

But well, I'm still gonna stay neutral, not gonna pin high hope or be over confident. Leave it to fate bah! 

Today, many mummy friends called/msged me. They said they are so envious of me & many of them are still gonna try Rulang despite having very low chance. 

I seriously don't know how/what to reply them. 

Becos when I told them I'm feeling neutral over everything (not paranoid, not kiasu), they said "of cos lah, u in Phrase 2A2 leh".

Alamak! This is not what I meant lor. Even when I'm not in this phrase, I don't think I'll over pressurise myself either. 

And I doubt I'll try for this school too. I'll just go for an average school nearby our house. I'm serious! 

Their paranoid & kan chiong-ness made me feel so guilty, as a mum. I mean, is there anyone else (mum) as bo chup as me? Or am I the only one? 

And they made me nervous & panic as well. Like, if I don't follow the pace, my kids will suffer? Then I got worried. Aiyo! 

No no no. I'm never a follower & I don't wish to be one too. 顺其自然 is what I always tell myself. What will be, will be. If it's yours, it's yours. No expectation = no disappointment. 

今天不知明天事, no point worrying so much. BO CHUP!

Okay, my friend just whatsapp-ed me this. There are only 69 registrants today. Which means, more vacancies & chances for 2B/2C! Yay! (My friend is in 2C & I really hope her son can get in, so we can go for events together in future? Heehee!) 


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