Tuesday, July 16, 2013

养儿一百岁, 长忧九十九!

More often than not, people will tell me, "when your kids grow up, you will have good life".

Which I very much disagree.

I feel that the older they grow, the more stress and worries parents will have. (Not to mention that they will become so un-cute & un-funny anymore!) 

Which is why I learn to "see open" & become couldn't care less now. 

I can literally feel the stress of my surrounding friends, worrying about the P1 registration. (You know it when they told you that they check MOE website almost every hour!) 

And I guess the only thing I can reply is, "best of luck". Cos I'm not good with mushy words but i sincerely hope that their kids can get into the school they desired. 

Another friend just sent me this, congratulating me! (You see, they are even more kan chiong than me! I thought of checking it tomorrow, as instructed by the school!) 

Okay, that's one load off my mind! Thankful for all the smooth journeys in my life! I'm one lucky chap! Nothing much I can ask for liao! :) 

Perhaps, law of attraction is working? Positive attracts positive! 

I think I'm abit siao? Cos I actually feel scare when my life gets way too smooth! Just like the fear of getting hit till bottom pit after hanging high up for a long time! Please do not let this happen. I don't need to be high up, I just want to be an average happy person, for as long as I live. 

Started today in a happy mode becos Meimei first time steadily & happily go into her class, no crying!! 

I know she can do it, just a matter of time! Keep it up my baby girl! *keeping all my fingers crossed*

Ending today in a happy mode now! Good night & stay positive, everyone! ^.^

Dear god, please continuing blessing my kids, my loved ones & me with good health & safety... 您的大恩大德,我会永远记在心里,有机会一定会报答你。

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