Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Two months ago, I butt itchy, went to do a certain check on my body.

Result received wasn't very positive, but neither very negative lah. Shall not go into details! 

So just now, we were talking about it & I asked ZY... 

Me: 如果我死了怎么办? 
ZY: 这样咯, ma na wu bian. 
Me: 如果我死先, 你要好好照顾那两个 hor. 
ZY: Wah, 惨了, 我不可以 gao tim 他们啦! 不然我死啦, 你不要死. 

Hahahahahahaha! He rather die than to take care of the kids! 

So you know why 世上只有妈妈好 & Mother's Day is more important than Father's Day now? 

We were just joking around, nothing serious about it.

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