Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Live blogging @ Clementi now, "eating table" with my family! 

Had it not becos of my dad's birthday, I wouldn't want to come!!! Cos I've to wake up very early tomorrow & my two kids are early sleepers. Patted Meimei to sleep and passed her to my mum already. Raeann is grumbling now, keep asking to go home!! 

(Meimei ah, before she sleeps every night, she only want to look for me nia!) 

Oh, almost forgotten, the purpose of this post is to say, I LOVE MY CAR PLATE NUMBER!!!

Hahahahaha, very random & bo liao, I know. 

Was asking my mum about the scraping of car this afternoon. I think I'll cry when i scrape this car cos after all, this car follows me for 10 freaking years leh! And I paid everything myself under my own name! Deposit, monthly instalments, maintainances, all on my own.

Small & not very expensive nor cool but I'm contented. Using it as a transport, not show-off so it need not be chio. (I never do any modifications at all! Not even body kit!) 

Well, I guess, all humans are realistic. When you have to pay every single cent out of your own pocket, then you will feel the pinch. How worried I'll be whenever my car is "sick", cos I've to pay for the repairs. 

No, I'm not complaining becos I'm thankful enough to be able to own a car and be a little more independent than some.

(To make me realise the importance of money!) 

If I ever have the chance and $ to buy a new car after this (1 year plus more), I'll retain my car plate! 


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