Thursday, July 4, 2013


I've two very cartoon daughters, they will make me tio internal injury, sooner or later.

Heart attack case 1: 

Raeann has this habit of taking out her things and just throw it there, expect the things to walk back & keep themselves. 

Just now, I was so angry, I caned her, asked her to find that one missing marker out. 

You know what she did? 

P/S : Bo whatsapp-ed me some photos she took, she also can't stop laughing. (Cos I was upstairs!)

She went to take my dad's magnifying glass and walked around the whole house to search for it. 

And guess how she did? 

She stick her eyes on the magnifying glass and stick the magnifying glass on the table/floor. 

What the hell is she looking at?! She think she's detective ah? Need magnifying glass to search for one marker??? 

Eventually, she can't find, of cos! 

And I've to control my laughter, act fierce to discipline her. 

Heart attack case 2:

Lights off at 8:35pm, I put the two of them on the bed and ordered them to sleep themselves. I sat by my laptop, with a cane. 

Raeann is a pig, so no worries for her, she fell asleep within 5 mins. 

Meimei kept fidgeting around, like want to move but don't dare to move much. (Cos I said I'll cane whoever moves!) 

She saw ZY coming out from shower, she wanna climb up to find him. I turned around and asked "为什么我看到有人在动动动啊?".

She immediately positioned herself back, covered her whole self inside the blanket, peeped at me from time to time. 

Her action was so funny but i can't laugh and have to act fierce, again.

8:50pm; both of them are asleep! I rest my case. 

Oh, on a side note, my birthday present from Raeann is here!!! 

She said, "am I expecting a thank you or something?". Lolol! And she gave me a kiss! Heehee

Meimei saw me testing the heels, she said "美" and wanna try it too! Lol! I asked her to go & take from her shoes rack. 

She popped out with this!! Bobo's wedges! HAHAHAHA! And she was so happy walking around the whole house with it! The "cok cok cok" sound made her high, I think!

P/S : This morning, Raeann called me after getting back to my aunt's from Meimei's school. 

"Mummy, 妹妹一直哭 leh. 你董 hor, 我看到她哭, 我也很想哭 leh. 我也是很心痛!" 

But why they always fight leh? Sigh

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