Thursday, July 4, 2013


Sharing is caring! Shared food always taste better, more delicious, agree?

Requested the husband to buy crabs on his way home & I got it! :) He said he's very bloated from his dinner earlier but becos these costed him $80 so he die die must eat! LOL

(Still got 2 big boxes of kueh lapis hor! *fat die us*)

Anyway, I've this random thought suddenly. 

I'm wondering... 

Do people "like" photos of others on FB becos they really thought that the photo looks nice/cute/whatever OR they "like" for the sake of liking? 

I was chatting with a friend today, and he was telling me something about "liking" own status and photos. I told him that I seldom "like" my own status or photos becos I find it damn ... weird? 

(If u see me "liking" my own stuffs, it's probably Meimei's doing. Lol!) 

It's very obvious that you liked that status/photos then you will post it? Who will post something they dislike? So what's the point of liking the stuffs you posted yourself? 

Then he said, "if not nobody like mah". 

My reply?

"Huh? Nobody like then nobody like lah. Very important meh, the "likes"? 

(Well, I won't deny that those "likes" sort of boost up self esteem though!)

I'm not sure about others but I don't really take this hard leh. I posted becos I want to see it myself. I'll always look through my photos (especially my kids') when I'm free! It's just for my own record, not to show off to the world. 

And usually, I'll just scroll through my newsfeed. If I happened to see something funny or nice then I'll "like", sometimes I don't even notice who posted it, unless it's photos of themselves/kids. I won't bother "liking" every single person's stuffs becos I will be damn busy leh. 

I just gotta know of some people "Wah lau, she never "like" mine so I'm not gonna "like" hers too". LOLOL! So serious meh? 

This is sibei lame can! If you didn't know yet, not every single person's post will appear on your newsfeed. That time my cousin said she posted her kids photos but it didn't appear on my newsfeed at all. (I was chatting with her on FB and asking her to post photos of her cuties, I wanna see. She told me she just posted the day before but it didn't appear on my newsfeed lor!)

Hahahah! FB caused alot of unnecessary troubles for sensitive people?? 

Nonetheless, I still love FB cos it helped me to stay in contact with friends I didn't manage to meet for years! 

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