Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bubble-Q @ Compass "eight"

Compass "eight", inside joke, lolol! 

Got invited by PY to K's condo for a no-reason-no-occasion BBQ gathering yesterday evening. 

We didn't meet for a long long time as she has shifted out from Jurong already. Imagine, I only passed last year X'mas pressie to Alexis yesterday!!! 

No joke trying to dig out the pressie from this huge lump of mess! What a horror!

There wasn't alot of people, but K's mum prepared sooooo much good food! Omg, her bee hoon & curry power lah! 

Eat first then can play! They were so excited about meeting each other & play together again! Well, Raeann has been asking & asking me to arrange with PY for a meet-up, she misses Alexis so much! 

"Power Ranger Best Friend", that's what Alexis call Raeann, lolol!

At the playground again for the 2nd time, the long flight of stairs to the playground is so scary. 

Look at her red cheeks from playing & sweating! 

The simplest form of happiness; kids @ playground. They can be so happy even though it's only a small playground & they were repetitively doing the same thing over and over again. 

LV; the smart poodle!! 

The boy is a stranger from the BBQ pit beside us. He was so boring as there wasn't any kid at his gathering so he kept coming over to play with the girls.

10 year old from Korea (I think is mixed) & is a Taekwondo black belt. Aiyoyo, Raeann is pestering me to let her learn Taekwondo now. 

(I did thought of letting her learn some self defence skills though! Becos crime rates is getting higher in SG liao, I'm worried for my girls' safety in future if we've to shift to our HDB flat! 

But on the other hand, I'm very scare Raeann will become more and more tom-boy leh. How?)

We left at 9:45pm becos I was so drained from chasing/carrying Meimei around and ZY has got a mahjong session at 11pm. 

Sent PY's parents home on the way too. Aunty (PY's mum) never age one lor! Still look the same from 10 years ago! I asked her what's her secret? She said, "be happy, 看开一点 lor". Hey, I totally agree man! Happy-go-lucky people won't look old & haggard one! 

The kids were so happy and worn out that they KO immediately after a quick shower & milk. 

Nice weather + plenty of delicious food + never-ending-topics-to-chat-about friends + happy kids; can't be thankful enough. Looking forward to the next gathering! 

Lol, they asked Raeann if she wanna go and stay with Alexis at her new house for a few days? She said, "看咯, 看我几时有空咯". Then she told me she wanna go and stay for 3 days, asked me to pick her up after 3 days. Lolol!

In fact, we have this planning of going there for a stay-over during her birthday in Sept as it falls on the school holiday. PY was the one suggesting this, I haven ask ZY yet leh! Don't think he will want to stay though, maybe I'll bring the two kids there myself! :) 

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