Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cooking VS Dining out

黑豆排骨汤 in the making. Super simple & easy yet nutritious. My SIL taught me how to cook this! Cooked a few times before so it's consider "sup sup water" for me already! LOL

(Hey, I think I can cook very well if I really put in the heart & effort to learn. Becos hor, I can easily whip out a dish by asking instructions over the phone or agar agar anyhow mix & it usually turns out not bad! Haha!) 

Well, I can honestly admit that I dislike cooking. Becos I always compare between cooking and dining out - the time & $. Most of the time when I cook, I'll spend more than having a meal outside! Therefore, i always think that dining out is more worth! Moreover, I don't have to prepare/wash dishes leh!!

BUT, every single time when I cook, Raeann will always show her support by indulging in the food & tell me, "很好吃! Mummy 煮的都很好吃, 我都很喜欢!"

Awww... This motivates me to cook again, and again. Becos I know I'll have at least one supporter, no matter what, lolol! 

Both kids finished their lunch & dessert about 30 mins ago. My job is done, I feel so sleepy now, haha! 

Gonna put the two of them for a little nap with me soon, so we will have 精神 for the yellow banana movie tonight! 

Thanks Jeanelle for getting us the 4 movie tickets! She even deliberately went down to the cinema to collect it for me! Appreciate her offer & help even though we have not meet for many many years! So paiseh to trouble her! 

(If it's not for this, I wouldn't have know that she's staying so near my ILS place now!!!) 

Time to nap, good night!

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