Monday, July 29, 2013


Heard far too many unexpected sudden death lately.

Is it just me or it's happening to everyone else too? 

The Aunty whom used to sell fruit juice at my office canteen passed away suddenly yesterday! She looked so healthy the last time I saw her. She stopped selling juice cos she wanna look after her grand children. 

She complained of feeling bloated few days ago and was admitted to hospital yesterday while waiting to do a check today. But before she could do the check, she passed on. Too sudden, too shocked for words. 

A month before this, was my (ex) neighbour. One who don't smoke, don't drink & takes bird nest every night, also suddenly chest pain, go hospital check nothing, asked to go home. At home still pain, called for ambulance, then died in the ambulance. 

There are far too many ways one can die from now. Even driving on the road also can get crushed by fallen trees.

Why, oh why? 

Are these signs telling us that, we should live to the fullest, eat whatever we want & do whatever we like for ourselves? 

So what if we study very hard, have a good career & earn tons of money but don't have the life to enjoy it? 

So what if we have ambitions and goals but don't have the life to achieve them? 


You know, I'm one who is very very afraid of "goodbyes", I dread having to bid "goodbye" to someone I love & care.

Last time, I'd always have those sad thoughts, the fear of my loved ones leaving me... I'll be very sad and emo whenever I think of it. 

I'd always hope that I can leave earlier than them, so I need not face all these. But this is far too selfish, and stupid. 

(In order to be happy, sad thoughts must be casted aside. Am glad that I've been doing it well for the past two years!) 

Dying is easy. What's not easy are those people around, having to cope with the sadness of your death.

I really fear for that day, I hope it won't come forever. 

Cherish people around you before it's too late! Your parents especially! I'm thankful that I can spend most of my time with my kids & parents. 

Though sometimes, I do hope that I can have more time for myself & friends lah. I've no time for my friends till more often than not, I'm always forgotten. 

But surprisingly, I'm not sad at all! To me, family is more important than anyone or anything else now. I wouldn't want to live with regrets in future. 

Well, it's true that friends are important as well. Friends brighten up your gloomy days, keep you company when you're down & etc. But not all friends will help you out when you're in troubles. The world is getting too realistic now. If you have true good friends, cherish them too. 

Quality > quantity. One need not have alot of friends, but that few (or even only one) who will stay with you no matter what happened, it's enough! 

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