Monday, July 22, 2013

I lurve hawker food!!!

You know it's time to go on diet when...

Your favourite skirt TMD pittttt in public!!! Hahahahaha! Oh yes, the zip gave way! Luckily I react damn fast, immediately pull my shirt out to cover. And thank god, the shirt I'm wearing today is long enough to cover!!!

Live blogging @ J.W market now. My favorite fish soup stall is not opened today, no choice but to go for mum's favorite fish soup stall and it's extremely longgggggg queueeeee!!! 

Look! My mama's queuing! Skirt pittttt, got excuse don't need to queue! And if I'm alone, I confirm 100% chop won't queue. HATE QUEUING!!! (I'm not very particular on food actually. I will not insist to eat something and if I didn't get to eat it, I'll be in bad mood. Nah, not that kind of princess!)  

My opinion? Not as good as my favorite stall, even my mum agrees with me now!!!

My favorite fish soup stall located at Jurong West St. 52. 

Okay, I'm back in the office now. I "repaired" my skirt inside the car by unzipping it and then, zipped back. Tadah, 好了! Think I over-used this skirt, wear and tear, lolol. 

Bought this back to try and it's so yummyyyy! Coconut pudding @ $3.50 only! 

I grew up around this area, my old house is a 4 rooms flat nearby. Used to hang out ALOT at this market when I was young. I mean, that's the place I've to pass by like, everyday? LOL

As and when, I'll still go there for lunch/dinner when I've to pick/send Raeann to school, accompany my mum to the old house, send my aunt there to do marketing during occasions & etc. I'll still hang out there often, probably until Meimei finishes her Primary school in Rulang, I'm serious. 

I've NO intention to shift over to my new place at all! My bro said it's completing soon, omg. Sigh, I'm too used & familiar with Jurong liao lah! Proud to be a Jurong villager, lolol! 

Hanor hanor, aunty is aunty lah. I won't pretend and act to be classy one. And I also won't flaunt my richness IF I'm rich, hahaha. 

(Aunty is better than those not very rich but act like one pampered princess right?) 

Don't talk to me about what Italian or whatever cuisine, I know nuts about it and I probably won't know how to appreciate or enjoy it either.  

Hawker food FTW, anytime!


  1. Omg!!! I aso love the 128 fish soup! Even thou it looks simple but is e soup n chilli.....

    Ok. Where u get that coconut pudding?

    1. Eh, the stall selling dou hua next to the fruit juice (same roll as the heng heng fish soup). The fruit juice stall used to be a soya bean drink stall one.. U know which one???


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