Sunday, July 14, 2013


I think I'm getting better in communicating with the husband now. By using the soft approach OR my kids as an excuse, to get him to buy what I requested, lolol. I'm talking about food here, only.

Just now, I kept pestering him to buy me ice cream from the petrol kiosk becos I suddenly craved for it. 

Me: Can u go Caltex and buy me some ice cream?

Him: (No reply.)

Me: U always say u dote on me alot right? Pls leh, I want to eat magnum!! 

Him: Ok wait, I finish playing this stage first. (He was playing game on iPad!) 

Then he asked me to go together with him, I was lazy so I gave up the thought of ice cream! 

His friend came to pick him up after that, they went to "eat table". 

Awhile ago, I received a call from him, asking me if I'm okay with Macadamia Nut from Haagen-Dazs cos they don't have my favourite there - Salted Caramel. 

And TADAH!!! I got it! 

No magnum but I've got Haagen-Dazs!!! Woohoo! 

ZY is just like one old fashion vintage watch; non-automated, needs manual turning. 

Which means, I can never expect him to give me surprises, becos he's not auto. When I want something, I need to ask for it. 

When I'm lucky, he will abide to my requests! If not, I'll have to use plan B - the kids. Heehee

Can u buy XXX home? Raeann wanna eat! 


Can u bring us to XXX today? Very long didn't bring the kids out liao! 

99% of the time, he will agree! Hahaha

I still have plan C hor! But I try not to use it unless very very very very desperate! 

Men... Tsk! No point wasting time & energy getting angry & upset over them being 不自动! Use the time to come up with many plans to handle them instead!! 

I've become wiser now! Haha

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